2011 BMW R1200GS Triple Black

10/18/2010 @ 4:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

BMW has released details on its 2011 BMW R1200GS Triple Black, a limited edition GS that’s well…black. Showing us the Triple Black ahead of the bike’s official debut at the Milan EICMA show in two weeks time, the new GS is basically a combination of some black paint and BMW’s premium parts package for the R1200GS.

With sapphire black metallic paint, and murdered cross-spoke wheels, front forks, engine casings, the Triple Black is accented with asphalt grey metallic paint on the swingarm, rear sub-frame, and valve covers. BMW’s Premium Package includes Enduro Electronic Suspension Adjustment, heated grips, hand guards, anti-lock brakes, and pannier mounting points.

The 2011 BMW R1200GS Triple Black uses the same newly revised 110hp DOHC boxer twin-cylinder motor as the standard GS and GS Adventure models. Not exactly mind-blowing stuff, but it’s a good looking GS, which should help BMW sell some more units of one of the best selling motorcycles worldwide. Expect to see the new BMW R1200GS Triple Black available in the U.S. sometime in January 2011. Pricing is set at $18,385 MSRP.

Source: BMW

  • Keith

    No thanks, not at that weight and not at that price.

  • MikeD

    I realize thats a lot of bike (BOTH Lbs and Features)…..but……danm, $18.5K ? Thats a lot of $ for a dual sport. BMW or Not.

    Then again, im not their target costumer. That kind of money could get me some NEW decent 4 wheels,a roof and A/C.

  • Chris

    lol miked, what are you doing on a bike site then, go back to your tin tops.

  • Jim

    Special editions, evidence of the coming end of the trail for the hex-head. Watch for the announcement of the water-cooled boxer at Cologne in 2011. $18.5 is too much. Then I buy used bikes and then run them into the ground.

  • Rexr

    Just the same as the red one ,yellow one and the grey on just a rip off paint job…

  • Where is the Lo Rider?
    Thats what I’m waiting for!!!

  • MikeD

    Chris…Dude, if u could see what im driving now and u see urself with that kind of chash-ola in your hand u would understand where im coming from. lol.

    No, my bike is not my primary means of transportation(just a TOY), im a cager most of the week. Make that a BROKEN CAGER.

  • Chris

    I second that Lo Rider call…

    MikeD….If I want A/C, then I’ll flip up my visor. But each to his own. If I had the money for a new bike it wouldn’t be a R1200GS either, I see some people commuting on spotless R1200GS to work where I live, and laugh.

  • MikeD

    One more thing, im here for the same reason as u…wich is ? Being opinionated ? lol.

  • MikeD

    And i guess ur too “hardcore” too see things thru another lens.

  • Chris

    MikeD… go back to 4wheels.com, oh and while you’re at it, the use of ‘textspeak’ while commenting on forums only shows that you’re a Gen-Y twat. LOL. Seeya, wont waste any more time reading your boring twaddle.

  • MikeD

    Thanks for the compliments, it truly shows what a great “character” u are. lol. Pissy Cranky Judgemental People.