SEMA: Mavizen TTX02 Unveiled – KTM RC8 Sourced Chassis, 130 MPH Top Speed, & Built-in Web Server with WiFi Connection [UPDATED]

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Mavizen has unveiled their TTX02 electric race bike today at SEMA, and as we suspected surrounding the Agni powerplant is a sourced KTM RC8 chassis.

Over-shadowing the 130mph top speed, is the fact that each TTX02 comes with dedicated IP access, on-board web server, and connectivity to a wifi network. A such, each TTX02 can be connected to via a wifi enabled laptop. More on that and videos after the jump.

Mavizen is calling the TTX02 a “laptop on wheels”, signaling their approach to electric motorcycles via a consumer electronics perspective. According to Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder and entrepreneur, the consumer electronics perspective comes from the notion that “we are living in a click culture and connectivity is the key, across the board. Our approach was to find how we could make a laptop go racing. We think electric vehicles have more in common with consumer electronics than traditional automotive.”

The consumer electronic notion isn’t exactly a new concept, as Brammo and other manufacturers have taken the same stance in their business plans, but the TTX02 is interesting because it is the first electric motorcycle we’ve seen that incorporates wifi connectivity and an on-board web interface. As Hussain explains, “by building on the open standards of the internet and the PC, we unlock the creativity and lower the costs of innovation for teams, enthusiasts and riders. TTX02 is a development platform that invites the potential for success previously seen in electronic hardware and software, into the automotive industry. We need to pick up the pace of innovation and make it real fast; TTX02 is a key marker in that journey.”

Again, the idea of motorcycles as a platform isn’t something new to this budding industry, but if nothing else it shows validity in the concept. The TTX02 comes with some other added street-cred, as it is based off the TTXGP winning bike: the Agni X01.

Mavizen, which is the TTXGP’s manufacturing arm, is being provided a set of RC8 chassis by KTM (editor’s note: although, in their press release Mavizen is very careful not to mention the words KTM and RC8, which leads to some interesting conclusions). Mavizen plans on offering a limited number of TTX02’s to potential EV racing participants, which will give them a bike that they can develop into a competitive and unique machine. As Hussain explains:

“The limited production bike, the Mavizen TTX02, gives potential participants a chance to acquire a bike that they can develop themselves to make it competitive and unique to them. Racing is brutal but at least with the Mavizen TTX02, the racers can start with a proven platform. Mavizen is about growing the grid by being an enabler by those who want to take part.”

The Mavizen TTX02 uses the rolling chassis of an FIM homologated and road legal bike. A world class manufacturer is supporting Mavizen by supplying direct from the factory, frames ready to be worked over by the Mavizen engineers.

Every owner will have the option to apply to their national vehicle licensing agency under various single vehicle type approval regimes. The Mavizen TTX02 will be available for delivery in Q1 of 2010, with a limited production of 50 units. Target price for complete bike with a Circuit Pack is £25,000. This will be a complete platform to take part in any national or FIM championship (editor’s note: *cough* TTXGP *cough*). Interested parties can express their interest at