2010 Husqvarna SM630 Debuts at EICMA

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For 2010, Husqvarna continues to update its supermoto line with the 2010 Husqvarna SM630, the successor to the popular SM610. With the SM630 Husqvarna takes on the mantra that bigger is better, bumping the bike’s displacement by an additional 30cc for 2010. This means the SM 630 will pack a full 600cc’s of motor, which will make 56hp and 41lb•ft of torque. We were on hand for the unveiling, click through the jump for details and pictures.

Helping give the 2010 Husqvarna more power is its bored out cylinder case, which goes from 98mm to 100mm. Additionally, the SM630 now has a red rocker box, like the Husky race machines, and uses a DOHC setup from the 450 & 510 Supermoto race bikes. The result is an overall 20% power increase, which is sure to up the grin factor.

In addition to its extra power, the 2010 Husqvarna SM630 should also be a more comfortable daily street ride, as the bike has received improved ergonomics (cushier seat and revised handlebar grips) and a brighter head lamp.

With the bike weighing 348lbs (dry), it’s heavy by supermoto standards but still light by streetbike comparisons. Considering the bike’s single-cylinder power delivery, it should be more than capable of embarrassing your buddies in tight twisty box canyons (Extra style points if you get your leg-out).

Originally based off the SM610, the 2010 SM630 features an all new frame, motor, and bodywork. Additionally, the saddle, tank, side panels, and front and rear mudguards are all newly designed as well.

The swingarm and frame have also been blacked out, which offsets the bike’s stock white fairings. The 2010 Husqvarna SM630 is available in both a white/aluminum  color scheme, as well as a black and white version.