2010 BMW K1300GT “Exclusive Edition” – BMW Starts Clearing Out Its Stock

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No sooner did spy shots of the 2011 BMW K1600LT surface, than BMW announced the 2010 BMW K1300GT “Exclusive Edition”. What makes an Exclusive Edition motorcycle you ask?

Well take your standard BMW K1300GT, and then throw just about every add-on feature your have in your parts bin, for instance things like custom paint, heated grips/seat, a xenon headlamp, dynamic suspension (ESA II), automatic stability control (ASC), and a tire pressure monitoring system (RDC).

Unless you’re someone that really likes to have a motorcycle badged as exclusive, you might be asking BMW what’s the big deal, and that’s where the K1600LT connection comes in.

When it debuts for the next model year, the 2011 BMW K1600LT will replace the K1300GT as BMW’s premium K-bike. As such, BMW needs to get ready for the new six-cylinder motorcycle, and clear out it’s planned production run of the K1300 series, namely the K1300GT. The result is a special edition bike, whose exclusivity comes in the form of off-the-shelf parts added to the bike from the factory. Let’s recap, that’s one “exclusive” motorcycle that one could already buy if they simply bought all the expensive BMW add-on goodies. Surely this is a joke right?

According to Tony Jakeman, Marketing Manager at BMW Motorrad, this is no joke and “the new K1300 GT Exclusive Edition further enhances this class-leading machine’s touring qualities and offers customers the chance to own the very highest specification GT on the market.” Translated into non-marketing spin talk, the K1300GT Exclusive Edition will make you feel exclusive because of its high price and repackaging of already available BMW parts.

We’re not too certain if the 2010 BMW K1300GT “Exclusive Edition” offering will meet BMW’s goal of moving K-bikes before the K1600 platform shows up, but then again we all know there’s people in the world that are willing to depart with their dollars simply to have “exclusive” badged on their motorcycle.

Source: BMW