2010 Benelli TnT R160: More Power, More Carbon

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In addition to the 2010 Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer, Benelli also launched the 2010 Benellli TnT R160, it’s latest iteration of the 1130cc TnT platform. The new R160 is the pinnacle of Benelli’s naked motorcycle line, boasting not only the most power in the TnT class, but it’s also laden with tons of tasty carbon bits. More details and photos after the jump.

Benelli has coaxed 155hp (up from 137hp) out its 1130cc triple, which puts the R160 right in-line with the Ducati Streetfighter power-wise, but R160 is still a little bit of a porker, with a dry weight of 458lbs, and a curb weight of 474lbs.

Despite being a big girl, she makes up for it with personality. For potential Benelli purchasers the design of the bike is its biggest attraction, and of course there’s also the unique three-cylinder motor. Maintaining the same TnT lines, the R16 gets a healthy dose of carbon fiber treatment, which culminates in maybe one of the sexiest tails we’ve ever seen.

Quality, reliability, and distribution are still issues that Benelli owners must face, as when we saw the R160 up close, we were a little disappointed with the fit and finish of the bike. More on that in another post.

Benelli has yet to release a price on the 2010 Benelli TnT R160, but expect an MSRP in the $17,000 area.

Source: Benelli