10 Custom Honda CB650R Motorcycles from Europe

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Honda Motor Europe has a rich history of customizing the Honda CB650R for public exhibition – some of our most favorite bikes have been customs that Honda has shown at trade shows such as EICMA and INTERMOT.

So, when Honda set out to have 10 dealerships bring their creative touches to the venerable four-cylinder platform, we were intrigued.

Unfortunately, their exhibition at the 2021 Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz was halted with the event’s cancelation, but there is some good news – Honda is showcasing the bikes online.

In the galleries below, you can see the 10 models that were created by dealerships from France, Portugal, and Spain. Their descriptions are below as well.


Builder: Motor Sport, Madrid, Spain.

“Our CB650R Motorsport represents the transversal spirit of Honda, breaking the barrier that separates cars from motorcycles…”

In homage to Honda sporting history Motor Sport have used the 1966 Brabham Honda BT18 racing car as a rolling touchstone. Their bike’s unique, subtle green and yellow paint is complemented by blacked out handlebars, footrests, front forks and wheels. And, just like the car, its inline four-cylinder engine is the centrepiece, with cam cover picked out in yellow. A full titanium Akrapovič exhaust adds lightweight performance while the carbon-fibre nose cone and seat cowl are finishing details.


Builder: Hakuba Motor, Santander, Spain.

“If there is a word that defines our concept then it is kaizen.”

From the Japanese Kaizen (meaning ‘to improve’), Hakuba Motor’s sleek CB650R Akira reflects the never-ending quest for improvements, no matter how small. The classic single seat unit is a one-off carbon-fibre creation, topped with a nubuck leather seat trimmed in red to key with the subtle ‘straight line’ silver and red paint. CBR650R clip-on handlebars bolt straight on and the electronics are now sited in their own compartment under the seat. A titanium Arrow muffler underlines the minimalist ethos.



Builder: Blanmoto Honda, Girona, Spain.

“A celebration of our custom dreams, and of a business founded in 1928.”

Blanmoto have gone down a ‘steam punk meets café racer’ route with their CB650R. And while its look is completely transformed, many of the parts used are from ‘mainstream’ suppliers such as Puig, PSR, Givi and Rizoma. Naturally, detail custom fabrication abounds: the seat has been modified and re-upholstered (alongside upholstered side covers) and there are new side-scoops manufactured from 1.5mm aluminium sheet. A blacked-out Arrow end-can injects stubby simplicity


Builder: Mototrofa Honda, Trofa, Portugal.

“The name was obvious to us as, in 2019, our workshop was completely destroyed…”

As an emblem of renewal, the CB650R Fenix is a special symbol for the entire Mototrofa team, whose dealership has risen again from the ashes of a devastating fire. And while looking totally modern it also makes use of past Honda models. The single-sided swingarm and rear wheel are from a VFR750F, the front wheel from a CBR900RR FireBlade. Custom parts include the seat and rear cowl and the ‘93’ paint scheme (by Nexx Helmets) both pays homage to the incredible Marc Marquez and marks the year Mototrofa was founded.


Builder: Sagaz Honda, Toulouse, France.

“The legend of the Bol d’Or meets Neo Sports Café…”

Honda’s 24 hour endurance efforts are the races of true legend, and this CB650R has been built to celebrate the 1976 edition and the Honda RCB1000 raced by Jean-Claude Chemarin and Roger Ruiz. The red, white and blue colour scheme and Honda logos – seamlessly applied by A Brax Custom painting – instantly invoke a picture from the 1970s, as does the bikini nose fairing. A sports pack, including engine guards and seat cowl, maintain the racing feel while a Bagster seat neatly trims the mid-section.


Builder: 3C Motos, Anglet, France.

“It’s family. To mirror the beautiful CB1000R Black Edition we have its little sister – the CB650R White Edition!”

The 3C Motos’ CB650R White Edition was conceived by 3C Motos in Biarritz to complement their moody ‘Black Edition’ CB1000R of 2019. Its paint – using matt white and varying shades of gloss white – adds texture and depth, and crowns the muscular depth of the jet-black engine and wheels. A CB1000R front master cylinder clamps neatly to the handlebar and Dunlop Sportsmart TT tyres finish the subtle – yet aggressive – look.


Builder: Werther, Nice, France.

“Fun and stylish, just like doing a wheelie on a BMX bike.”

There’s more than a hint of BMX stunt bike on the Werther machine. The gloss black paint pops eyeballs, as do black forks, gold engine cases and wheels. And not to forget the whitewall tyres. For a bike built to perform, a shorter final drive gear ratio (plus black/gold chain, naturally) makes for instant acceleration, with a full Akrapovič exhaust system adding to the engine’s performance. An NMB Design seat, adjustable levers and grips, plus Puig gold bar ends and black footrests stand out, while smoked varnish on the front/rear lights and indicators are more subtle details.


Builder: AZ Moto, Rouen, France.

“A homage to the spirit of a famous and legendary model – the Honda CB750 Four K0.”

The bike that started it all for the modern era of motorcycling, the four-cylinder CB750 ‘K0’ stunned the world in 1969, and AZ Motos CB650R KarbOne, with its metallic gold paint, pays deep respect to its illustrious forbear. SEB Auto Shop are responsible for the bespoke carbon fibre parts like the rear seat unit and headlight surround; the stunning black rims (with chromed spokes) are supplied by Evo-X Racing and wear Dunlop Mutant tyres. Black Topema epoxy paint covers the engine, handlebars, rear shock and cam cover while all the finishing parts are readily available from the likes of Puig and Chaft.


Builder: ADN Motos, Cognac, France.

“In the spirit of vintage flat track and supermotard here is our little gem.”

Flat track DNA runs through ADN Motos’ CB650R and they’re rightly proud of it. Choice parts include a remote licence plate holder with integrated brake light and indicators, black and red Kineo spoked rims and Acerbis hand guards. The evocative nose cone and rear seat are custom fabrications while the yellow-tinted headlight glass adds a vintage feel. A twin-muffler titanium Arrow full exhaust system adds satisfactory bark and bite while Dunlop Mutant tyres have the look of cut slicks.

CB650R FOUR Limited Edition

Builder: Espace Motos, Angers, France.

“Neo Sports Café rides with the legendary CB750 Four”

For Espace Motos, the legend of the CB750 Four lives on in the spirit of the Neo Sports Café family, led by the CB1000R and hugely popular CB650R. To respect the legend they added a raised, flatter brown leather seat and for the paint chose green with gold pinstriping, plus an ‘80s Honda logo. The paint also extends to the headlight surround, front mudguard, rear scoops and spring. Vintage-style bar-end mirrors, black footpegs and scrambler tyres complete the makeover.

Source: Honda Motor Europe