Why Can’t All Motorcycle Videos Be Shot This Well?

08/04/2011 @ 12:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS

If I didn’t already know that this video was made by some guys in their spare time, I could have sworn that this short film was one of the better efforts by Ducati or Dainese (or anyone in motorcycling for that matter) at some cool videography. The brainchild of Barry Munsterteiger, this short video is the work product of several A/V industry professionals who just wanted to mess around with some cameras, a bike, and the open road on their days off from working for the man. Shot around the San Francisco Bay Area, astute eyes will see scenes from San Francisco, Altamont Pass, the Pacific Coast Highway, and other Nor Cal staples.

When you consider how much time, money, and effort went into Ducati’s Diavel ad spot, and the product that came out of that production, it sort of baffles your mind about what’s going on in the motorcycle industry (at least they didn’t hire “a publication of record” to produce it for them). There’s clearly a need in the market for better motorcycle videos, and there’s clearly a market of talented videographers out there to fill the need, Oh, did we mention Barry is looking for a job?

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  • one word…WOW….this vid hit home…every time I go for a ride in the twistiest in CT I always play a song in my head that some how it synchs with the sound of my bike and the road, this video did just that for me: progressive music + sweet roads + OK bike (would’ve been a better vid with the S1000RR) = :-D

  • At 1:04 what is that view from?? the helmet?? if so what is it?? because i want that!!!!! really i do. leave a comment and let me know what thats all about.

  • Fact – Barry is a certified badass.

  • MikeD

    Ah Yes…the so much talked about Motorcycle Nirvana…haven’t been able yet to xperience such a Bliss on my “ALL ROADS ARE FLAT AND STRAIGHT” neck of the woods (South FL).

  • MikeD

    P.S: Video is C00L.

  • Alexontwowheels

    Amen brother, that’s solid videography! And good free pub for D and D. Only one problem, oh no he’s breaking the speed limit!!!

  • luke

    a HUD in a helmet would be a pretty trick piece of tech. To be honest I’m surprised it’s not already done. More eyes on the road rather than the dash seems like a good idea. and some bike brands could just finally give up on trying (but failing) to make a readable dash display :)

  • the simple reason why motorcycle videos done by motorcycle manufacturers aren’t as good as this one: the majority of marketing execs for motorcycle manufactures are NOT enthusiasts.

  • barry munsterteiger

    Thanks Jensen. I completely agree about the rant. I didn’t want this to be a “stoppie-wheelie-stoppie-wheelie-burnout-annoying techno-logo-buybuybuy” vid. The group working on the project were all passionate about the project and wanted to take the “hobby” to the next level.

  • John Magnum

    yep thats it, thats why i ride and dont feel the need to own a car.
    Traffic, parking, being at one with a machine and to escape reality.

    Its almost like an erotic dream sequence though without waking up with pre cum in your boxers.
    sorry, my best description as to how much i was moved…………

  • JP Canton

    As an ex- motorcycle marketing type, I can speak to a few of these comments: The all-wheelie-stoppie-powerslide videos are awesome, and they DO generate interest. (don’t lie- we all love watching them) Barry’s video here is the untouched opposite end of the spectrum- real life- and that is where his creative shines. The premium brand combo (Ducati/Dianese) also makes it click, it wouldn’t have the same dreaming qualities with Honda/Joe Rocket (no brand criticism intended- there is a Honda in my garage right now!)

    Now for the rant: Clelland hit it on the head: even if the marketeers are passionate riders with great ideas, the execs and the lawyers will squash all the fun. When is the last time you saw a proper hooligan video (especially off the race track) from an OEM? KTM is the only one I can think of, surrounding the Duke and the original RC8 launch a few years back- props to them for that. Lawyers 1, Consumer 0. Red Bull should be the case study here- action sells product…

    On the flipside, the marketing personas are too scared to present normal real riders in real life, as Barry did here. They think they HAVE to do something “extra” or “unusual” to sell the “dream” of riding their new bikes. This middle ground is where they will fail and look fake. The OEM version of this video would have a fat chick on the back of the bike, (lets make it real!) or more likely for obvious reasons a supermodel with an open face helmet and her rack sticking out (guys buy bikes to pull chicks right?). Or even worse, some euro-trash plot that has nothing to do with riding at all.

    Enough ranting for now- that is my 1.4 Euro cents…

  • hoyt

    The other end of the spectrum (wheelie, stoppie nausea) generates interest for a large section of that demographic but I wouldn’t say “we [motorcyclists] all LOVE watching them”, especially as profiling becomes more entrenched by non-riding public and johnny law.

    This video is excellent and I like the music (please let us know the artist & song).

    If used as a corporate ad less music should be used and more cycle sounds. No sound would be best at times to accompany the spot on lighting they captured. In the rhythmic zone of riding when everything is smooth, sometimes you don’t hear anything

  • What JP says is wise and true. There are days where I want to mass email the following link to the motorcycle industry:


  • First off, thanks to Barry for creating this piece and sharing it with us. You have captured the essence of motorcycling and delivered it beautifully. Secondly, thanks to Jensen for shedding light on it via A&R.

    Give me a shout any time to discuss the possibility of working together in the future.

    Jensen, if you wouldn’t mind passing along my email address to Barry, I would appreciate it.

    – Arrick

  • PD

    This is the kind of video that would inspire more people to get into motorcycling.

    The last – and only – time that I saw any kind of a commercial/video of similar inspirational capability was when Yamaha had a spot with either an R1 or and R6, an early generation, possibly the first.

    All other OEM commercials, not that there are that many (at least in the U.S.), have been utter shit. The incompetence is actually quite astounding.

  • sunstroke

    Why can’t all motorcycle vids be shot this well? b/c motorcycle companies are terrible marketers who hire bad ad agencies. They don’t understand why their customers ride or what makes motorcycling great. Manufacturers try to push various buttons in a person’s brain so that they feel compelled to make a purchase, but manufacturers don’t really care if the product delivers. Failure was tolerable b/c booming Western economies and loose credit have made selling motorcycles easy. Even Harley (one of the most valuable brands in the US) are a one trick pony who can’t figure out how to attract different demographics.

    Barry is a passionate enthusiast with a brain, not a marketing shill. Barry emphasizes escapism, and shows how sportbikes can be enjoyed even at a casual pace. Escapism is one of dozens of utility concepts that manufacturers ignore or under-emphasize when they work on their ad campaigns. Since, motorcycles are superfluous luxury goods, manufacturers don’t have the luxury of missing the mark when it comes to communicating with customers.

    If OEMs want to sell more bikes, they will find enthusiasts like Barry, and hire them as consultants. Leveraging enthusiasts for product development might not be a bad idea either. Continuation of the current marketing and product development procedures is only going to prolong mediocre sales.

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  • Sp33dwagon

    Excellent video and a great sense of speed that is hard to accomplish. Love the heads up display and I would certianly buy one! It’s up there with the coolness factor of the new kawasaki “blood transfusion” video albeit with a far smaller budget I’m sure.

  • Craig

    Ah yeah the Sacramento Delta…Isleton Bridge, methinks I see thee at 1:10.

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  • duxbros

    Superb vid! Love the beginning where the tagged door rolls up and the Duc motors out leaving the Ferrari Maranello parked! And yes, I hope some OEMs see this and get a clue. Pulling a tablecloth out from under a set table is a neat trick but this video is what it’s all about.
    @kyle: If you are asking about location, in Marin County CA there are roads/landscapes like that all over– Lucas Valley Road between Highway 101 and Nicasio, Highway 1 between Stinson Beach and Bodega Bay, Point Reyes Petaluma Road, Nicasio Valley Road, etc. My guess would be Nicasio Valley Road near the reservoir.

  • BBQdog

    “don’t lie- we all love watching them”

    No, I don’t, I am bored with them.

  • DustyMoto

    Leaving the Ferrari on the right and the 6.6L 70’s Trans Am on the left in the garage. Love your video. More please!

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