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There were 876 crashes this past GP season. That’s a lot.

Between free practices, qualifying, and races, the 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP series racked up 30% more crashes than last year, with an average of 48 crashes for each race weekend. It should be noted that this was the wettest season in the history of the series, with 16 out of 18 race weekends having at least one day of rain in the official three days of racing. While the rain certainly is a factor, it should also be noted that Randy de Puniet crashed 22 times this season, and only took his shirt off twice.

The crash numbers for the past seasons for the quant-jocks in the room:

1999 – 565
2000 – 633
2001 – 634
2002 – 646
2003 – 705
2004 – 706
2005 – 737
2006 – 647
2007 – 672
2008 – 876

Source: GPone

At least Randy looks really, really, really ridiculously good looking when he crashes.

Jorge Lorenzo really does have the hard life. It must be hard to go into your second season of MotoGP racing, and have people expect you to win the Championship. It must be hard being that good.

With only a limited number of tests scheduled on the new 2009 Yamaha M1, Lorenzon will have to spend the extra free-time figuring out what number to run in next year’s GP. High on the to-do list is retiring his “48” number plate for a new one. Lorenzo still has some time to decide between “23” and “99” before the start of the season in Qatar.

“We’ve done some tests to see how the two would be aesthetically, but the decision will be made further down the line. We will definitely make the choice in January.”

This officially makes MotoGP racing the worst job ever. With all the one-off ultimate performance bikes, tall leggy umbrella girls, and tough decisions like these, I don’t know why anyone would want to be a professional motorcycle racer. I guess it’s just for the money.

Source: MotoGP

Don’t work too hard Jorge, we wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.

Artist conceptual drawings for the soon upon us Terminator 4: Salvation are out, and there’s a motorcycle. A motorcycle with twin Gatling cannons, red eyes, and a hearty thirst for human blood. Apparently from the drawing, the cannons will be on a self-leveling rig, making the manslaughter that much more easy.

I don’t want to give anything away plot wise…but Christian Bale is in fact both Batman and John Connor. *Gasp*


As you may remember, we brought you the story that MotoGP will be hosted in Hungary for the 2009 season and on. Well, the symbolic first stone of Hungary’s new $64 million Balatonring circuit was laid into place at its new home near Savoly in Western Hungary today.

The full event consisted of laying the first stone for the track’s construction, and burying a “time capsule” containing mementos, as well as the Hungarian and Spanish flags. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, was on hand for the ground breaking ceremony as well to mark the event.

The Balatonring will host MotoGP racing for the next five years starting from 2009.

We have no idea why the Spanish flag was put in the time capusle either. Take that Spain.

The 2009 Super Duke R is unchanged from the 2008 model, but you wouldn’t know it the way we’ve been talking about it on A&R. What can we say? We’re smitten.

KTM isn’t making it easy when they keep releasing shots of the bike in new colors. Today’s color is white, as in white hot. 130 ponies. 75 foot pounds of torque. The 999cc Super Duke has the spotlight, at least until the Ducati Streetfighter shows up.

You’ll run out of color eventually KTM. Until then, you have our attention.

Like the title says, BMW has released a teaser video showcasing the S1000RR race and street bikes. The video is reminescent of the old BMW Films that were commissioned to highlight the four-wheeled Bavarian variety. No Hollywood stars here, but similar production quality. The video is being released on BMW’s new web-tv site. A&R looks forward to future versions…hopefully staring Clive Owen…and Madonna…maybe not in the order.

Source: BMW


Wanted: Tall, Leggy, Blonde who is capable of holding an umbrella….and looking really good while she does it. Bonus if you’re French.

The MotoGP Tech 3 Yamaha Team is looking for Umbrella Girls. An ideal candidate will be available all the Sunday races of the MotoGP Championship Calendar, in the country of your choice. If you are tall and slim and enjoy the smell of race fuel, please inquire within (with Tech3, not A&R. Our standards are much lower…no umbrella holding experience necessary).

Source: Tech3

Excusez-moi mademoiselle, ça vous arrive d’embrasser des inconnus ? Non ? Eh bien laissez-moi me présenter?

Investment banks and America as a whole aren’t the only places feeling the economic crunch. MotoGP teams have budgets too. And in order to cut costs, about $100,000 per test day, teams will be reducing their non-European test sessions. Accordingly, the The 2008/2009 testing schedule will be the following:

November 26 -27 Jerez Spain
February 5-7 Sepang Malyasia
March 5-7 Losail Qatar Night test
March 28-29 Jerez Spain Official IRTA test

December 1st to January 20th will be a winter test ban where no teams are allowed to do any testing. Phillip Island has been taken off the testing calendar, and Malaysia will only host one test instead of the two that were originally scheduled. Testing days after GP races will also be sized down, and no testing will occur the Monday after Sunday racing at Jerez, Barcellona, Mugello, Brno, and either Hungary or Estoril.

Source: GPone

Congress is of course considering an Economic bailout for all the teams, only time will tell if it goes through, or if it just becomes a stimulus package.

Ducati’s 2009 prices are out. So, umm…here they are:

Ducati Monster 696: $8,995
Ducati Monster 1100: $11,995
Ducati Monster 1100 S: $13,995
Ducati Streetfighter: $14,995
Ducati Streetfighter S: $18,995
Ducati Hypermotard 1100: $11,995
Ducati Hypermotard 1100 S: $14,495
Ducati Multistrada 1100 S: $14,495
Ducati 848: $13,995
Ducati 1198: $16,495
Ducati 1198 S: $21,795
Ducati SportClassic GT 1000 Touring: $11,995
Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000: $11,995
Ducati SportClassic Sport 1000 S: $12,995

Source: Hell for Leather Magazine

Nuff said.