KTM Files Patent For 2WD

11/17/2008 @ 10:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler1 COMMENT

KTM has filed with the German Patent Office a number of patents that cover the used of a two-wheel drive system of off-road vehicles. The patents hold claims for a two-wheel drive system that can be fitted to either an enduro or motocross type of motorcycle. KTM’s patent centers around having a conventional motor to drive the read wheel, and an electric motor for the front wheel.

This would be a different method than the hydraulic method for powering the front wheel that Yamaha has been prototyping for over a year now.

Source: visordown

I’m still waiting for the 2WD Akira bike.

  • BikePilot

    I think going to 2wd on the heavy, adv type bikes is a great idea. Its usefulness on MX-based bikes is dubious at best as has been proven by the underwhelming results of the Yamaha and Christini systems. On a much heavier adv bike however, the advantages could be significant and the downsides wouldn’t be noticed as much. Also, the market sector would be more likely to tolerate the added cost.