WSBK: Saturday at Laguna Seca with Daniel Lo

09/28/2013 @ 10:43 pm, by Daniel Lo4 COMMENTS
  • MajorTom

    Watched the race on TV. What struck me as sad was the apparent empty viewing stands. I hope that was just the camera angle.

  • It’s not the camera angle.

  • Numbers were low, about 20,000 I think which is tiny by European or GP standards. The atmosphere is brilliant though, so this like Bonneville or Pikes Peak or most AMA events is worth doing, before the rest of America catches on:) The magic of Laguna Seca is clear.

  • zipidachimp

    Jeez! the sun was unrelenting and I forgot the sunblock. Can’t believe the huge number of XR1200 bikes. ama riders are available to fans, but most wsb riders are squirreled away somewhere, as are their bikes. lots of fans at ground level, but grandstands are thin. good weekend though!