WSBK: Race Results for Race 2 at Imola

04/01/2012 @ 3:27 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

With the sun peaking through the clouds over Imola, ambient and track temperatures warmed up a bit for World Superbike’s Race 2. With the Ducatisti lining the stands at the Italian track, race fans present at Imola looked for a strong showing from Carlos Checa and his Althea Ducati. The old Spaniard would have to contend with a tough grid though, and one especially quick Tom Sykes on his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. Continue reading for spoilers for race results.

Getting another good start off the line, Sykes was surprisingly bested by the man directly behind him on the grid, Max Biaggi. Riding to the front of the pack, Biaggi’s lead would be short-lived as a mistake let Sykes go by, followed shortly by Checa as well. Pulling away from the pack, the trio would ride most of the race alone separated from the rest of the field, sans the efforts of one Leon Haslam.

Like in Race 1, Carlos Checa was able to get around Tom Sykes, as the Englishman’s Kawasaki continued to chew up its tires in the latter part of the gauntlet. This was good news for Leon Haslam, as the BMW rider was able to catch up to a trailing Max Biaggi, and get past the Italian. Haslam would continue to put pressure on Sykes all the way until the last lap of the race, with the final finishing order sorting out to be Checa, Sykes, Haslam, and Biaggi.

Race Results from World Superbike Race 2 at Imola, Italy:

1Carlos ChecaAlthea RacingDucati 1098R
2Tom SykesKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R1.935
3Leon HaslamBMW Motorrad MotorsportBMW S1000 RR2.969
4Max BiaggiAprilia Racing TeamAprilia RSV4 Factory3.346
5Jonathan ReaHonda World Superbike TeamHonda CBR1000RR18.925
6Eugene LavertyAprilia Racing TeamAprilia RSV4 Factory21.18
7Jakub SmrzLiberty Racing Team EffenbertDucati 1098R21.392
8Leon CamierCrescent Fixi SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R100023.797
9Joan LascorzKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R24.219
10Marco MelandriBMW Motorrad MotorsportBMW S1000 RR25.599
11Sylvain GuintoliLiberty Racing Team EffenbertDucati 1098R25.776
12Maxime BergerLiberty Racing Team EffenbertDucati 1098R26.004
13Lorenzo ZanettiPATA Racing TeamDucati 1098R31.172
14Chaz DaviesParkinGO MTC RacingAprilia RSV4 Factory33.837
15AyRETon BadoviniBMW Motorrad Italia GoldBetBMW S1000 RR45.541
16Brett McCormickLiberty Racing Team EffenbertDucati 1098R50.807
17David SalomTeam PederciniKawasaki ZX-10R51.083
18Mark AitchisonGrillini Progea Superbike TeamBMW S1000 RR57.833
RETDavide GiuglianoAlthea RacingDucati 1098R
RETNiccoló CanepaRed Devils RomaDucati 1098R
RETLeandro MercadoTeam PederciniKawasaki ZX-10R
RETHiroshi AoyamaHonda World Superbike TeamHonda CBR1000RR
RETLorenzo AlfonsiTeam Pro Ride Real Game HondaHonda CBR1000RR
RETJohn HopkinsCrescent Fixi SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R1000
RETMichel FabrizioBMW Motorrad Italia GoldBetBMW S1000 RR

Source: WSBK

  • MikeD

    Old Timer Checa is on FIRE !!! WOOOHAAAAAA…!
    P.S: Jensen, how come u don’t cover SuperStock 600/1000 ? They have the Panigale racing in SS1000.

  • Westward

    Panigale made the rostrum in third position. Also Kawasaki on the podiums all over WSBK competition… Talent aside, Kawasaki is making anyone look better than usual…

  • Bryan

    I thought that Checa would have a more difficult time with the weight they added to the Ducati this year. It’s great watching how smart he rides. He just stays smooth and preserves the tires until everyone on more powerful bikes use theirs up then he goes on the attack. His smooth riding style is fun to watch.

  • MikeD


    Yup, little Green seems to have pulled their %^&* togheter this year…not to mention Sykes is on fire too.
    Yup, saw the Panigale mixing it up on the top three positions with more mature machines…good, good…(^_^)

  • 190mph

    Bryan, that 6kg is the same 6kg that Checa had to ride with back in 2010 before Althea were given two weight reductions – one in May and another in time for the Siverstone round in July. It’s no coincedence that since riding a bike with a 200cc advantage over its four cyclinder competitors Checa’s results suddenly improved eventually leading to a championship win.

    But when Checa had to compete on a level playing field riding the Tenkate Honda he was beat by his then rookie teammate a certain Mr Jonathan Rea.

  • Cpt.Slow

    Really? There are still people blabbing about 200cc from a machine with two less cylinders (with intakes restricted, by rule has to carrying 6kilos more weight, and lowest top speed)? Do some research on wsbk history and the rule change in 2008. Plus, educate yourself in mechanical workings of an internal combustion engine (concentrate on cylinder numbers and puts per sec and while you are in there, bore and stroke relation).

    The weight reduction was given to all two cylinder machines. If KTM would put some pants on and race, some of you with blinders on would realize how hard it is to make a competitive machine, let alone a formula different from everyone else.

    I’m sure there was/is no other factor in Checa’s situation other than moving to another bike. If you want all the machines to be exactly the same, go watch NASCAR and have your self a cup of tea.

  • MikeD


    It never goes away, does it ? LOL.
    +1 all u said……..and then some. Some people are just(blocked) that way (it reminds me of myself on e-bikes articles)…and choose to remain like that forever.
    Just to make myself clear, im OK with the 2cyl engines being 1.2L.

  • 190mph

    I’m well aware of the 2008 rule change – where Ducati threatened to quit if it didn’t get its way again. And as for the KTM argument – comparing a manufacturer who until 2008 never even had a superbike in their lineup to one that’s been involved in WSBK from the start – is rather weak.

    A major manufacturer like BMW have shown how difficult it is to go toe to toe with the established marks so why should KTM risk their balance sheet if they feel they’re not ready? At least BMW are having go without needing extra cc’s though. Regarding the NASCAR comment – you do realise the Aprilia is a V-4 right? therefore NOT the same as the other 4 cylinder bikes.

    And Honda showed what a nice advantage it is to have extra cc’s by winning the championship at the first try with its RC51.

  • Cpt. Slow

    You just completely ignored the several factors, mechanical facts, and attribute a riders success in a world championship to a single factor? Weak- is what your argument is and serves only prof of how much you fail grasp.

  • 190mph

    A rider who was soundly beat by Biaggi when they were racing in GP’s and a rider who was soundly beat by a rookie in WSBK when they were teammates riding a 1000cc bike, but when this same rider gets on a bike with an extra 200cc over its four cylinder rivals suddenly he starts winning on a regular basis and even wins himself a championship.

    The fact that Ducati are still winning even with air restrictors in place and a weight limit that goes up and down is proof enough that even the WSBK organisers are unsure about the extra 200cc twins are allowed to use. So perhaps you should forward these mechanical facts you keep going on about to the WSBK organisers so they can finally put in place rules that are fair to ALL those competing.

    What it all boils down to is if Ducati aren’t winning enough they throw a hissy fit and threaten to quit until the rules are changed to their liking.

  • MikeD

    (-_-)’ CRAP…190mph is still at it and im running low on PopCorn…LOL…Man, it never gets old.
    Like the Buell and H-D thing…LMAO.

  • Cpt.Slow

    You’re really going to get you panties in a bunch if the homologation special 1199 may has Ducati Energia (akaKERs).

  • Cpt.Slow

    *You’re really going to get your panties in a bunch if the 2013 homologation special 1199 has Ducati Energia (aka KERs).

    *not use to typing on a borrowed mobile device*

  • You realize that was an April Fools article, right?

  • MikeD

    @Jensen: LMAO.

  • Cpt.Slow

    Yes, I know :D