WSBK: Race Results for Race 2 at Donington Park

05/26/2013 @ 2:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


Race Results from World Superbike Race 2 at Donington Park, England:

1.Tom SykesKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R34’06.921
2.Sylvain GuintoliAprilia Racing TeamAprilia RSV4 Factory34’14.9568.035
3.Eugene LavertyAprilia Racing TeamAprilia RSV4 Factory34’17.65910.738
4.Davide GiuglianoAlthea RacingAprilia RSV4 Factory34’19.17812.257
5.Marco MelandriBMW Motorrad GoldBet SBKBMW S1000 RR34’22.89715.976
6.Chaz DaviesBMW Motorrad GoldBet SBKBMW S1000 RR34’23.39616.475
7.Loris BazKawasaki Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-10R34’34.44527.524
8.Niccolo CanepaTeam Ducati AlstareDucati 1199 Panigale R34’37.10730.186
9.Jules CluzelFixi Crescent SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R100034’37.42230.501
10.Michel FabrizioRed Devils RomaAprilia RSV4 Factory34’37.80630.885
11.Jonathan ReaPata Honda World SuperbikeHonda CBR1000RR34’38.45031.529
12.Max NeukirchnerMR-RacingDucati 1199 Panigale R34’53.70346.782
13.Leon CamierFixi Crescent SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R100035’01.43054.509
14.Federico SandiTeam PederciniKawasaki ZX-10R35’12.71065.789
15.Alexander LundhTeam PederciniKawasaki ZX-10R35’27.35280.431
16.Vittorio IannuzzoGrillini Dentalmatic SBKBMW S1000 RR35’27.64080.719
RETAyrton BadoviniTeam Ducati AlstareDucati 1199 Panigale R27’21.324

Source: WorldSBK; Photo: Kawasaki Racing

  • Gutterslob

    Not quite as cracking as last year’s race. Full credit to Sykes, though. He totally blew the rest of them away. Donington’s short length (compared to other tracks) probably helped with tyre life on the Ninja.

    Pity for Rae, though. The lad’s riding well but his bike just doesn’t seem to have the legs. Updates will probably come his way after the Suzuka 8hr, but that’s already half a season gone.

    There’s a nasty bump at one of the corners, at just the place the 1000s brake, which gave us some insane replays of the riders monobraking (as the British Eurosport commentators call it) with the back wheel a few inches up in the air. Crazy stuff.

    Would be nice if you posted updated rider standings after each double race, Jensen.

    Anyways, much thanks for the coverage. Anyone from the A&R team going to the TT this year?

  • Phil

    What can you say to that… not a great deal really. He’s in a league of his own.

  • DWolvin

    Great race, from the little I caught… Also, great shot, whose helmet is that? Anyone know if it says anything in particular?

  • Sykes’ helmet. No clue what it says.

  • Faust


    How does short length help that much with tire wear? They adjust the number of laps to the tracks to get the approximate race distance. All the races are within about the same 10 mile range for overall length. Donnington is shorter, so they run 23 laps. Monza is longer, so they run 18 laps. Tracks are obviously of differing lengths and the races laps are figured in accordingly. Additionaly if you look at a longer track, like Monza (5.777 miles, versus Donnington at 4.023 miles), then you would see that on some of the larger tracks, the overall race length in time (31 minutes for Monza this year versus 34 minutes for Donnington) is shorter because they are more flowing. Donnington has more corners than some of the other tracks, and if you look at turns 11 and 12, they are much sharper than corners on the longer track. So, shorter track yes, but they are on track for more time, with sharper corners which equates to a lot of tire wear. Make sense?