WSBK: Leon Haslam Fractures Leg in Assen Crash

04/26/2013 @ 10:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

WSBK: Leon Haslam Fractures Leg in Assen Crash leon haslam assen leg break x ray

Rainy conditions abound in Assen for the Dutch round of World Superbikes, and the wet weather has already claimed its first victim: Pata Honda’s Leon Haslam. Catching his foot in the wheel during a crash in FP1, Haslam fractured both his tibia and fibula on his left leg during the off, and has been unfortunately ruled out of the Sunday’s race.

Haslam will undergo procedures in Holland to pin the leg sometime this weekend, with the hopes that it will help heal the injury more rapidly. World Superbike’s next round is in Monza in two-weeks’ time, which may be too early for the Brit’s return to motorcycle racing, though his home round at Donington Park on May 26th should be a more manageable date. Heal-up quick Leon, that’s a nasty looking break.

Source: Pata Honda; Photo: Leon Haslam (Twitter)


  1. Ow says:

    What a nasty injury.

  2. E.Knievel says:

    i had this exact break over a year ago. now i know i didnt get the same level medical attention as that of a professional athlete- but if they are saying he’ll be back racing by May 26th…

    they are out of their farking minds.

    he’s out for the season at least.

  3. Chaz Michael Michaels says:


    I think the same things–impossible to return from something like that within many months…then think, oh wait a second, it would be impossible for one of us to return. These guys aren’t like us.

    Think back to when Rossi broke his leg. Was he even out a month?

  4. Nasty, but it could be worse, those are pretty clean breaks, time for the bone doctors to suit up for surgery. A few titanium pins and plates will fix the boy right up.

    I should post some of my old x-rays, really freak you children out. :-)

  5. Silas says:

    7 weeks for each for Doohan and Sheene. Relatively speaking, Haslam should have raced on Sunday.

  6. Grant Madden says:

    2 sticks and some duct tape and it will be good as new in a couple of weeks.