AMA Daytona Sportbike VIR: Who Won Race 1?

08/17/2010 @ 4:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

AMA Pro Racing had to use this photo finish to decide who won Race 1 of the Daytona Sportbike series at Virginia International Raceway this weekend. Coming up to the finish line #30 Bobby Fong is sling-shotting past #36 Martin Cardenas, as both riders vie for the race win. Official standings place the victory margin at 0.001 seconds. Can you make the call as to who won? Race results after the jump.

Race Result from Race 1 of the AMA Pro Racing’s Daytona Sportbike Race at Virginia International Raceway:

130Bobby FongDucati 84823 Laps
236Martin CardenasSuzuki GSX-R6000.001
31Danny EslickSuzuki GSX-R6000.363
46Tommy AquinoYamaha YZF-R61.666
515Steve RappDucati 8482.220
660Michael BeckDucati 8484.529
734Michael BarnesYamaha YZF-R68.489
8133Kyle WymanYamaha YZF-R612.343
97Fernando AmantiniKawasaki Ninja ZX-6R14.916
102Dane WestbyYamaha YZF-R614.940
1132Santiago VillaSuzuki GSX-R60025.807
1238Kris TurnerSuzuki GSX-R60025.931
13120Jodi ChristieHonda CBR600RR35.918
14811Michael MorganSuzuki GSX-R60036.354
1555Chris FillmoreSuzuki GSX-R60037.494
1613Melissa ParisYamaha YZF-R640.585
1778Reese WackerSuzuki GSX-R60053.958
18461Abe StaceySuzuki GSX-R60022 Laps
19175Sam RozynskiYamaha YZF-R60.892
2057Cory WestSuzuki GSX-R60019 Laps
21210Paul AllisonYamaha YZF-R616 Laps
22213David WhiteKawasaki ZX-6R14 Laps
2354P. J. JacobsenSuzuki GSX-R60011 Laps
24119Jeff WoodYamaha YZF-R610 Laps
254Clinton SellerYamaha YZF-R62 Laps
2647Josh DayYamaha YZF-R643.637
278Josh HerrinYamaha YZF-R62:59.537

Source: AMA Pro Racing

  • Lefty

    AMA racing has been quite good this year …

  • dp

    Maybe you are right Lefty. But as it stands, who and where are the stars? If I wanted to go watch a bunch of no names, I would go to my local track. I wouldn’t spend my time or money paying for an AMA sanctioned event, and the attendance base would probably be about the same. The problem remains that all the talent has left, even the old ‘factory’ riders that are left (Hayden, Hayes, etc) should be cleaning up, but they are not. I also get tired of watching the same bike (GSXRs) make up the top 9 places out of 10. The AMA has succeded in killing superbike, as well as the support classes.
    Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get that off my chest.

  • Westy

    Actually these guys are in Daytona Sportbike class, not Superbike. Hayes, Hayden and Ben Bostrom are cleaning up the superbike races. VIR race 1 saw Hayden win by .004 of a second over Ben. Hayden almost tucked the front after crossing the line (finish is on a curve) and had to stand it up and run into the grass at 170 mph! Can’t say the series isn’t entertaining this year…

  • Rob

    dp – who cares if there are huge names. Right now the most interesting racing has been AMA and Moto2. These kids may not be starts yet (in the Daytona Sportbike group anyway) but in due time, the best of the best will go farther just as Spies has. Watch the AMA racing at VIR and watch the Brno GP and tell me which was more interesting. GP is so boring I almost don’t care to watch the races anymore.

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  • buellracerx

    dp – maybe if you take time to actually start watching the races, you could make an educated statement as to the current state of the AMA classes. I was at VIR; it was some of the best racing I’ve seen (well, in DSB anyway).

    Are you and is everybody else entertained to watch a Rossi-like character come to a race & clean up??? Cleanup races are boring, I don’t want to watch some guy running up front all by himself. Give me a race like DSB last year @ MID-OHIO between Eslick & Hacking; now that’s excitement.

    Oh, and for the record, the Eslick’s GSXR was getting owned @ VIR in terms of power by both the R6 and 848. Maybe if you started watching DSB you’d sing a different tune…

  • johnrdupree

    Wow, they need a better finish line camera.

  • Ken

    ^^ yeah i thought this was a picture from 1930 or something until i noticed it was new age bikes

  • Steveo

    The camera is actually very expensive it takes hundreds of photos and compresses them together at the finish line hence its grainy but accurate out come. It would be extremely tough to decipher one photo snapped at a given point instead they take 100’s and then bunch them together to make a whole image as the bikes cross the line. Heres a link.

  • Tricky

    That race was awesome! Far more entertaing than MotoGP. I don’t think dp actually watched it or he would have a much different opinion… I mean there were 3 848’s in the top 6 and only 2 GSXRs!!! :) and the finish was literally to the wire! Great race!

  • jamesy

    It looks like a slightly flat area was photoshop’d onto Martin’s tire. Nothing like a good conspiracy!
    But I agree with Rob; Moto 2 and AMA have had spectacular racing this year much to my very pleasant surprise.
    Anyone who thinks Eslick is not a racer’s racer is delusional. Watch that kid go on to more prestigious series. And Cardenas is spectacular to say the least.
    Westy can go watch club races if that works for him, but having participated at that level, good as some guys were we didnt see that close of racing at the top. Not 20 to 40 spectacular passes per race, never!
    Bottomline: If that racing doesnt make you wanna grab your chair arms, you better check your pulse.

  • jamesy

    OOOOPS sorry Westy!!!, I meant dp… apologies to all

  • Sean Mitchell

    I have no doubt you speak the truth, but I sure as hell can’t even tell from that picture!

  • irksome

    After the debacle of last year I had given up on AMA racing, but this season has really changed my thinking, in particular the level of racing in Sportbike. These kids have delivered again and again; and is anybody doubting Eslick’s abilities now that he’s not “cheating” on an 1190cc Buell?
    Even Superbike has been an eye-opener; enduring (rather than watching) the Yoshi/Mladin Show had gotten pretty damn old. And I’m old enough to remember Mladin on a Ducati, Duhamel on the HD VR, Russell, Polen, all the way back to the pre-NASCAR track configuration at Laconia.

    And btw, Mr. Fong got it by a mile…