This is the MV Agusta Corse ParkinGO Supersport Race Bike

02/01/2013 @ 11:49 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


Debuting today at the MV Agusta HQ in Varese, Italy, the MV Agusta Corse ParkinGO supersport team has unveiled its MV Agusta F3 race bike. The Italian company’s formal return to the World Superbike paddock, MV Agusta Corse will begin its racing project in supersport, though a return to WSBK racing with the MV Agusta F4RR is featured on the team’s road map.

To do the riding duty, the the MV Agusta Corse ParkinGO team has tapped Roberto Rolfo and Christian Iddon to do the honors. The two riders will have their work cutout for them in the World Supersport Championship, having to develop a brand new race bike, but at least its a very good looking one.





Source: Team MV Agusta Corse ParkinGO (Facebook)


  1. What a great looking bike! I’ve not had the chance to ride one on the track yet, but doing Laguna in May and we are taking one with us. Can’t wait.

  2. Afletra says:

    Finally… four thumbs up for the great-truly racing appearance!
    What about the performance? Let’s see…

  3. Laurençio says:

    MV Agusta sure do know how to make a beautiful motorcycle.

  4. Mr. X says:

    Looks like an artist’s rendering. So beautiful.

  5. Tedman says:

    Cast Brembo’s!?!?

  6. *DROOL*

    Good lord, what a beauty.

  7. Superlight says:

    Looks like stock wheels, exhaust. Can’t be, unless the rules allow very few mods.

  8. Superlight says:

    Note the “Akropovic” sticker on the windscreen, despite looking like the standard exhaust system.

  9. pooch says:

    So good to see MV Agusta back and racing.

    This is as close to pure perfection as a supersport can look…. in my books anyway.

    hopefully it can run with the leaders, too. Really looking forward to it.(and the F4 in WSBK eventually.)

  10. Robert Chase says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how well they do. With the F3 being a new model it really could use some race track time to figure out some of it’s short comings. Hopefully these findings will make it into the production bikes.

  11. 2ndclass says:


    World Superspot regs don’t allow teams to fit aftermarket wheels. They can however fit exhausts, but presumably they’re yet to finish developing a racing system for it.

  12. L2C says:

    I’ll just echo everybody else – what a beautiful bike! Gosh.

    (The ParkinGo logo is lame, though.)