MotoGP: Test Results & Photos from Day 2 at Sepang

02/02/2012 @ 1:21 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Testing continues in Sepang, as MotoGP riders continued their first week of shaking down the new 1,000cc era machines. For the second day of testing, teams spent the sessions comparing settings and parts to the previous day, looking for clearer paths of development. For Yamaha, this meant testing suspension and electronic settings, while Honda tried different chassis with Casey Stoner. With weather hot and humid, Stefal Bradl got baptized with his first MotoGP gravel trap excursion, though the German was thankfully uninjured from the spill.

Progress on the all-new factory GP12 continued in the Ducati Corse garage, though the Italian team was short a rider after Nicky Hayden parked his bike after 16 laps. The American rider has been struggling with his broken shoulder, which still lacked the strength to properly ride at the Malaysian track. Quiting the day’s session earliy, Ducati’s test rider Franco Battaini took over for Hayden, and completed the day’s work with Valentino Rossi. Photos and results after the jump.

Test Results from Day 2 at Sepang, Malaysia:

Pos.RiderTeamTimeDiff.Diff. to LeaderLaps
1Casey StonerRepsol Honda Team2:00.89529
2Ben SpiesYamaha Factory Racing2:01.052+0.157+0.15737
3Jorge LorenzoYamaha Factory Racing2:01.068+0.016+0.17340
4Dani PedrosaRepsol Honda Team2:01.508+0.440+0.61335
5Cal CrutchlowMonster Yamaha Tech 32:01.565+0.057+0.67042
6Hector BarberaPramac Racing Team2:01.788+0.223+0.89350
7Valentino RossiDucati Team2:01.886+0.098+0.99144
8Alvaro BautistaSan Carlo Honda Gresini2:01.933+0.047+1.03846
9Andrea DoviziosoMonster Yamaha Tech 32:02.160+0.227+1.26542
10Nicky HaydenDucati Team2:02.354+0.194+1.45941
11Stefan BradlLCR Honda2:02.414+0.060+1.51941
12Karel AbrahamCardion AB Motoracing2:02.598+0.184+1.70366
13Katsuyuki NakasugaYamaha Factory2:02.941+0.343+2.04640
14Franco BattainiDucati Team2:04.311+1.370+3.41638
15Colin EdwardsNGM Mobile Forward Racing2:05.603+1.292+4.70837
16Ivan SilvaAvintia Racing2:10.297+4.694+9.40216
17Jordi TorresAvintia Racing2:11.893+1.596+10.9982
18Robertino PietriAvintia Racing2:12.546+0.653+11.6515

Ducati Corse Testing at Sepang – Day 2

Yamaha Racing Testing at Sepang – Day 2

HRC Testing at Sepang – Day 2

Source: MotoGP; Photos: Ducati, HRC, & Yamaha

  • New Zealand Dan

    Looked at the pic of stoner stepping the rear out and thought ‘bloody aussie at it again’

    then looked at the rossi pic and laughed at it’s brazenness.

    great shots.

  • MP

    Funny NZ Dan,

    I sent the photo of Stoner to a friend, pointing out the big oversteer….then I scrolled down and caught that vale photo and had the same reaction that you did. He looks way more comfortable on the GP12 for sure.

  • Damo

    Kinda wish Yamaha would leave their livery like that for the rest of the season…it looks badass.

  • irksome

    Rossi wouldn’t be stepping it out if he wasn’t comfortable with the front end. This is a good thing.

  • John

    Yeah, I don’t think he could have gotten away with this on the GP11. Things are looking good.

  • Looks like we might see some great racing tjis year!!! Hopefully the Stones warm up quickly and last 75 % of the race so the field is a little closer and passes are made…. So if u try to make a get away from the pack u risk coming back to the field once the tires start going off. Break away or conserve a little ?????

  • Westward

    Would have liked to see more close ups and angles of Rossi going around. Want more than one picture to be able to access his comfort with the all new GP12…

    I noticed some have the lever guards and others did not. Are they only mandatory for day, I’m thinking thats the case, or is it not an official rule yet?

  • Westward

    *Are they only mandatory for “RACE” day

  • Odie

    It does seem like power sliding through a corner requires good front end feel.
    Maybe The G.O.A.T can finally race like we all know he can.

  • M

    Want more than one picture to be able to access his comfort with the all new GP12


  • Halfie 30

    That Rossi pic pu a big smile on my face. We should have a wonderful season of racing ahead. I’m interested in how Jorge will react to Spies being there or there abouts this season. Seeing as though he thinks it’s his show there… LOL. Hopefully his season makes a good look on prototype racing.

  • Halfie 30

    *this season

  • mxs

    Wow the gap (1.2) between Rossi and Stoner is still as big as it was last year. And that’s with Stoner basically far from fit (with his wonky back) and only with few laps in, compared to Rossi.

    If I was Rossi, I am not feeling to good about this, but I guess all is relative.

  • irksome

    But .6 behind Lorenzo on Day 2 aboard a wholly reworked frame? Methinks they’re pleased.

  • irksome

    Sorry, just read Day 3 results…