MotoGP: Race Results from the San Marino GP

09/15/2013 @ 8:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


MotoGP Race Results from the San Marino GP at Misano, Italy:

1Jorge LORENZOYamaha Factory RacingYamaha161.044’05.522
2Marc MARQUEZRepsol Honda TeamHonda160.8+3.379
3Dani PEDROSARepsol Honda TeamHonda160.5+7.368
4Valentino ROSSIYamaha Factory RacingYamaha160.1+15.062
5Stefan BRADLLCR Honda MotoGPHonda159.6+22.355
6Cal CRUTCHLOWMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha159.6+22.599
7Alvaro BAUTISTAGO&FUN Honda GresiniHonda159.1+31.059
8Andrea DOVIZIOSODucati TeamDucati158.4+42.702
9Nicky HAYDENDucati TeamDucati158.3+44.858
10Michele PIRROIgnite Pramac RacingDucati158.1+47.818
11Bradley SMITHMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha158.1+48.011
12Colin EDWARDSNGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki157.2+1’03.154
13Aleix ESPARGAROPower Electronics AsparART157.0+1’07.600
14Hiroshi AOYAMAAvintia BlusensFTR156.5+1’15.528
15Danilo PETRUCCICame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter156.4+1’17.907
16Claudio CORTINGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki155.7+1’29.655
17Randy DE PUNIETPower Electronics AsparART155.4+1’33.990
18Michael LAVERTYPaul Bird MotorsportPBM155.3+1’36.860
Not Classified
Bryan STARINGGO&FUN Honda GresiniFTR Honda153.84 Laps
Hector BARBERAAvintia BlusensFTR155.67 Laps
Yonny HERNANDEZPaul Bird MotorsportART153.719 Laps
Karel ABRAHAMCardion AB MotoracingART152.221 Laps
Andrea IANNONEEnergy T.I. Pramac RacingDucati155.625 Laps
Lukas PESEKCame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter148.025 Laps

Source: MotoGP; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • damn

    Nice jorge! Of it wasnt for 2 times broken collarbone the standings would be different. Dani only 1 attack and nothing more. Hes on a fast bike but doesnt know how to battle. Scared he his.

  • Jimbo

    I feel so sad for Dani, seeinig him after the race he looked so defeated. Mostly if a rider loses he can put it down to his bike, fitness or bad luck to maintain his morale. Sadly Dani has realised he is not as good as Marc. It must be a deflating and quite sad realisation for him. WHen he was interviewed he knew he had done his best but could not beat him.
    Pedrosa is one of my favourite riders (i have a 26 samurai t-shirt!) and please correct me but i believe he is one of the most sucsessful MotoGP riders to never win a championship. He owned the second half of the 2012 season and if it wasnt for the bowling ball bautista he might have won. What must be so sad for him is the realisation he now likely not win a championship: With the seemless ‘box the Yams will shrink the gap behind the Hondas so Jorge will become harder for him to beat. And as for Marc – he rides the same bike and quite simply is more talented as a rider (not as experienced i grant you) but he will not beat him. Makes me feel for him.
    Any way despite the 4th position it was lovely to see Rossi so much happier with his bike, and Jorge winning will hopefully be the start of a more exciting final third of the champion ship. These things are always more exciting if goes down to the wire rather than a clear out and out victor.

  • Leo

    Pedrosa is the new Mamola…

  • Craig

    Dani will win again… it’s simply a bit like Rossi now… everything will have to align perfectly… perfect start, perfect set up and perfect race.

    He is just as fast as Marc, just not over race distance right now. If he does move on from Honda… it will be interesting to see where he goes for sure… Maybe he doesn’t take chances since his move on Hayden in 2006 didn’t go so well… Can you imagine taking down Marc right now… OUCH!

    He is good… needs a little mojo and he’ll be good… maybe not champion, but an alien none the less.

  • L2C

    I think the mandatory combined rider/bike increase is what is plaguing Dani’s bike setup. The placement of the extra kilos is probably what is upsetting the balance of his bike for his riding style.

    Just a guess. No science involved.

    Otherwise, only five races left.