MotoGP: Race Results from the Qatar GP

04/07/2013 @ 2:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


MotoGP Race Results from Losail International Circuit in Doha, Qatar:

1Jorge LORENZOYamaha Factory RacingYamaha166.442’39.802
2Valentino ROSSIYamaha Factory RacingYamaha166.0+5.990
3Marc MARQUEZRepsol Honda TeamHonda166.0+6.201
4Dani PEDROSARepsol Honda TeamHonda165.8+9.473
5Cal CRUTCHLOWMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha165.2+18.764
6Alvaro BAUTISTAGO&FUN Honda GresiniHonda165.0+22.148
7Andrea DOVIZIOSODucati TeamDucati164.8+24.355
8Nicky HAYDENDucati TeamDucati164.8+24.920
9Andrea IANNONEEnergy T.I. Pramac RacingDucati164.0+37.124
10Ben SPIESIgnite Pramac RacingDucati163.5+44.908
11Aleix ESPARGAROPower Electronics AsparART163.2+49.809
12Randy DE PUNIETPower Electronics AsparART162.8+56.495
13Hector BARBERAAvintia BlusensFTR162.0+1’09.599
14Yonny HERNANDEZPaul Bird MotorsportART161.9+1’10.742
15Hiroshi AOYAMAAvintia BlusensFTR161.8+1’13.600
16Claudio CORTINGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki160.8+1’29.444
17Michael LAVERTYPaul Bird MotorsportPBM160.5+1’34.341
18Lukas PESEKCame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter160.5+1’34.683
Not Classified
Colin EDWARDSNGM Mobile Forward RacingFTR Kawasaki161.97 Laps
Danilo PETRUCCICame IodaRacing ProjectIoda-Suter160.510 Laps
Stefan BRADLLCR Honda MotoGPHonda164.814 Laps
Bradley SMITHMonster Yamaha Tech 3Yamaha162.418 Laps
Bryan STARINGGO&FUN Honda GresiniFTR Honda149.221 Laps
Karel ABRAHAMCardion AB MotoracingART0 Lap

Source: MotoGP; Photo: Yamaha Racing

  • Halfie30

    Such a spread. Lap times all over the place. At least we know Rossi can still surf with the Aliens.

  • What a GREAT race! Things are going to be quite entertaining this year I think..

  • L2C

    Phenomenal race! That guy…that Rossi guy made me look good today. He did exactly what I knew he was still capable of. I admit, I had to back that knowledge up with a bit of faith, but clearly Rossi is still a master of this game. And a great one at that. Also, I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing a tiny bit of his spotlight/sunshine/moonlight for myself. :-)

    However, my man Pedrosa had a hard time of it all weekend. Pure concentrated struggle. Though, it was no more of a struggle for him than it was for anybody else, so there are no excuses. Pedrosa has to get his killer instinct back. I don’t know where he found it last year, but he needs to rediscover it in no less than two-weeks time, because Lorenzo, Vale and Márquez are only going to intensify their efforts as the season progresses. And Crutchlow is going to be better equipped by the time Le Mans rolls around.

    So I have this nagging question. Why did Pedrosa fade away from the three-way battle for second so easily? He was still in the mix and could have remained in the hunt! I can only guess that he suffered some sort of mental/emotional trauma after being passed by both Márquez and Rossi. We saw (and boy did we see it) what Rossi did when he saw his podium chances slipping away. We saw how Márquez didn’t let go of second without a fight. So why didn’t Pedro stick to his guns? It’s inexplicable to me, because with his speed and pace capability, he could have really amped it up in the final laps to get on the podium. At least that’s what I think.

    Losail gave all of the riders a headache this weekend, but Pedrosa seemed to be the only top rider not to have Losail under his thumb for the race. Again, there seemed to be some sort of mental/emotional disconnect going on with the man, because when someone lights a fire up under your ass, you are supposed to sizzle, and not flame out like a bucket of water has been thrown over you.

    Fourth is not a terrible finish, but you’d think Pedrosa came in last by the way he finished the race. And his body language said all the depressing shit that needed saying. He’s stronger than that, and he knows it. But he has to believe it like the other guys believe in themselves, otherwise the season and his championship hopes are over already.

    Anyway, great race. Looking forward to more!

  • Jw

    Been a long long time since I got excited watching a motogp race. Dani must be hating life right now, Crutchlow you have my respect, Rosi is back and has made his point, Marquez has nothing to loose, Lorenzo looked a little worried just before the trophy presentation…

  • irksome

    Psychoanalyze him all you want, Pedrosa struggled with corner entry speed all weekend.

    That old man on the Yamaha, he could really have a future in MotoGP, huh.

  • Jonathan

    It’s good to have the circus back in town! These previous comments have pretty much said it all for me, so I’ll just note that if the rest of the season provides as many demonstrations of skill, racecraft and balls then I’m set.

    The guy who delivers Dani’s pep talks has his work cut out though.

  • FernandoARG

    Welcome back doctor. What a pleasure and what an exciting race, grazie Vale.

  • Skip

    Clearly Rossi is over the hill. What kind of old fart comes back from 7th like that ?

    O yes the Doctor !

  • 5 real contenders… it’s almost like the good old days. Imagine if Stoner were still in the mix. Seeing this must make him want to come back.

  • Jvp

    I said it Before and I will say it again: the Return of the King!! He is back and the entire MotoGP world knows that the championship will be decided by three men–Lorenzo, Rossi and Marquez. Pedrosa will not win it if ever.

  • Neil

    My money is on Marquez this year, great poise in his first MotoGp race, the way he came back on Rossi was good to see…….I’m still pulling for Hayden though…

  • jasinner

    I wonder at the end if Rossi’s power management kicked in to try to stop him from running out of gas (based upon how Marquez almost passed him again at the end). Pedrosa did look completely dejected in the paddock but based upon what I saw, it seemed he was having traction issues with his bike. I don’t know if Lorenzo was worried during the trophy or kinda annoyed that he can win the race but the crowd will still chant Rossi’s name. This is the power of Rossi, charisma. Can’t wait for next race.