Moto2: 41 Riders Set Out on Historic First Qualifying

04/11/2010 @ 1:21 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Along with the MotoGP and 125GP qualifying events, Qatar is playing host this weekend to the first running of the Moto2 race class, which is replacing the 250GP race action from this day forward. 41 riders were on hand for qualifying on Saturday, and despite the large field of entry, only 4.4 seconds separates all these racers (3.5 seconds if you drop Bernat Martinez and his last position Bimota). While the names may be unfamiliar, the racing is sure to be extremely close (we can’t even fathom what Turn 1 is going to look like).

There are a few familiar faces though, namely Toni Elias who took the very first pole position of the new racing class. Another familiar name is Alex de Angelis, who will start from the second row in 4th position, after being ousted from hit MotoGP rider last year. As we get to know the riders of Moto2 we’ll also see a vetting process on which manufacturer put together the best chassis for the single motor class.

A quick look at the qualifying sheet, and it seems that there is no one bike that stands above the rest of the field. Our best guess would at least peg the Suter machine as being the best bang-for-the-buck, with three bikes in the Top 10 and being the cheapest bike in the paddock. Tech3 as a team is looking very strong, but of course we still have Sunday’s race day to see where the proof is in the pudding. We can’t wait.

Results from Moto2 Qualifying at the Losail International Circuit at Doha, Qatar:

PosNo.RiderBikeTimeDiffDiff. to Prev.
124Toni ELIASMORIWAKI2’01.904
260Julian SIMONRSV2’02.0320.1280.128
365Stefan BRADLSUTER2’02.0380.1340.006
415Alex DE ANGELISFORCE GP2102’02.1010.1970.063
572Yuki TAKAHASHITECH 32’02.2950.3910.194
616Jules CLUZELSUTER2’02.3660.4620.071
735Raffaele DE ROSATECH 32’02.5600.6560.194
86Alex DEBONFTR2’02.7590.8550.199
948Shoya TOMIZAWASUTER2’02.7710.8670.012
1025Alex BALDOLINII.C.P.2’02.8660.9620.095
1140Sergio GADEAPONS KALEX2’02.8810.9770.015
1244Roberto ROLFOSUTER2’02.8830.9790.002
1363Mike DI MEGLIORSV2’02.8960.9920.013
142Gabor TALMACSISPEED UP2’02.9161.0120.020
1559Niccolo CANEPAFORCE GP2102’03.0021.0980.086
1612Thomas LUTHIMORIWAKI2’03.0411.1370.039
1745Scott REDDINGSUTER2’03.1291.2250.088
1875Mattia PASINIMOTOBI2’03.1551.2510.026
1914Ratthapark WILAIROTBIMOTA2’03.1921.2880.037
2077Dominique AEGERTERSUTER2’03.2321.3280.040
2129Andrea IANNONESPEED UP2’03.2581.3540.026
2241Arne TODESUTER2’03.3411.4370.083
2317Karel ABRAHAMRSV2’03.3461.4420.005
2410Fonsi NIETOMORIWAKI2’03.3901.4860.044
2552Lukas PESEKMORIWAKI2’03.5311.6270.141
263Simone CORSIMOTOBI2’03.5881.6840.057
2768Yonny HERNANDEZBQR-MOTO22’03.6351.7310.047
2871Claudio CORTISUTER2’03.7251.8210.090
2953Valentin DEBISEADV2’03.7521.8480.027
309Kenny NOYESPROMOHARRIS2’03.7921.8880.040
3180Axel PONSPONS KALEX2’04.3012.3970.509
3255Hector FAUBELSUTER2’04.4172.5130.116
3361Vladimir IVANOVMORIWAKI2’04.4702.5660.053
345Joan OLIVEPROMOHARRIS2’04.4762.5720.006
3521Vladimir LEONOVSUTER2’04.5792.6750.103
3639Robertino PIETRISUTER2’04.6292.7250.050
3795Mashel AL NAIMIBQR-MOTO22’04.8712.9670.242
3896Anthony DELHALLEBQR-MOTO22’04.9123.0080.041
398Anthony WESTHONDA2’05.3623.4580.450
4088Yannick GUERRAMORIWAKI2’05.4603.5560.098
4176Bernat MARTINEZBIMOTA2’06.3104.4060.850
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  • harumph

    Moto2 was fantastic considering it was the first time out. Tomizawa was impressive.