Caption This Photo: Twins

01/24/2013 @ 12:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler38 COMMENTS


  1. doug says:

    “Hey Marc- pull my finger…”. “No! you pull mine first!”

  2. Jes says:

    ‘You’re glad Casey’s gone…NO, you’re glad Casey’s gone!’

  3. MP says:

    “You’re shorter”. “No. You’re shorter”.

  4. EB says:

    Brothers from different mothers, and Vale is our daddy.

  5. MrP says:

    Who is going to take out Rossi first?

  6. Steven says:

    “Young puke”

    “Old fart”

  7. ken says:

    “You like the color scheme least”

    “No, you do.”

  8. Velox says:

    Dude take your hand off your crotch!

    No. You first!

  9. Dennis Chung says:

    “Oh my gosh, was that you?” “No, it was you!” “Stop lying! It was you, you’re so gross!”

  10. Edward K says:

    Marc: I’ll win a championship before you.

    Dani: I’ll ruin your chances before that happens… I did it before (Nicky Hayden 2006), I’ll do it again.

  11. Ted says:

    Our bikes belong on angry birds

  12. Z-naught says:

    Dani: Shake!

    Marc: ‘n Bake!

  13. Dani: “You’re just a baby!”

    Marc: “You’re still a dwarf!”

  14. Isaac (Spektre76) says:

    “Omg dude you got a tattoo!”

  15. Vinicio says:

    Wonder Twin powers activate!

  16. Jake F. says:

    “We are laughing and we are very good friends. Good buddies sharing a special moment…laughing and enjoying our friendship, and someday we’ll look back on this with much fondness!”

  17. TexusTim says:

    I weigh less…no I weigh less……Im the fastest….no Im the fastest……Im going to win a championship….Im still trying to win my first championship….lol

  18. RJJR says:

    And I thought the yam photos were awful.

  19. RobertB says:

    dude what does my tatoo say, sweet dude what does my tatoo say dude, what does my tatoo say, sweet!

  20. Mrdata says:


  21. DanRS says:

    “Remember I’m the No 1 rider in this team.”

    “Not for long.”

  22. paulus - Thailand says:

    who farted?

  23. Mr.X says:


  24. smiler says:

    Hey Marco 500,000E to crash into Rossi as much as you can. Then you have the championship next yr eh.

    Marco: Yorze, a Moto2 bike Dani. So you not kneed de ladda to get on, ha ha.
    Dani. You would no moto2 Marky Mark.

    Dani. Eh Marco have us seen Fastest, de film eh. Yeez I hav. Wots all dat wiv Lorenzo talkin about butter?
    Marco. I fink he wanting Rossi back so de can have bike love in, eh. seen de video yet. Kinky…..

    Dani: How many cylinder dis bike got now 4 or 5?
    Maroc. What is diz cylinder thingy Dani?

    Dani: U no wot RCV mean eh. Marco No. Dani. Roman Catholic Virctory. Itsa why they always tri to get Spanish or Italian to ride.

  25. Rob says:

    You first. No you!

  26. bill wetzell says:

    Who would you most like to kiss?

  27. H.P. says:

    “You’re just a soulless, mindless corporate cog for the bloodsucking advertisers and survive solely to perpetuate the vapid brief existence of a backstabbing wannabe with pretensions of greatness and profundity.”

    “…No, you are.”

  28. Neil says:

    My umbrella girl’s boob would be right…… HERE !!!! lol…

  29. Jay says:

    “hey nice bike man!”

    on another note, i love the white accents on the new repsols. hopefully we’ll see this colour schemes on the production bikes :D :D good stuff

  30. PJD says:

    “Uh, I’ll have 3 orders of garlic chicken, and uh, 3 orders of white rice”

    “And then?”

  31. Kevin says:

    1. Future Champion meets permanent runner’s up.

    2. Team Spain, still trying to figure out the we’re number one hand sign.

  32. pooch says:

    I think the bikes look fantastic. Honda v Yam is going to be super awesome this year.

  33. TLee says:

    Who’s coming in 2nd and who’s coming in 3rd?

  34. jeffc says:

    No You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!
    No You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    No, You Are!
    No, You Are!

    <keeps going until someone tell Dani he's no longer the 'Your Are" guy..

  35. Darren says:

    Who’s more glad Casey isnt here.

  36. TC says:

    “Pull my finger”
    “No, you pull my finger”

  37. joe mama says:

    You’re mini me!

    No, you are mini me!

  38. JD says:

    “with this finger up your butt, then we’ll be thunder buddies, for life”…

    “this one? thats all?…ok, thunder buddies for life?”…

    “fooooor life!”….