Caption This Photo: The Doctor is In

07/01/2013 @ 12:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS


  1. alexssss says:

    wassup now bitches – was my first thought, upon further review it appears he’s trying to fart a mushroom for a Super Mario brothers themed victory celebration.

  2. Trey says:

    You lika apples? Howwa you likka dees apples?

  3. Chris says:

    I may not be winning all the time but my fan club is bigger then yours !!

  4. Phil says:

    I’m just as surprised as you!!!

  5. frod says:

    I’d say “wassssup? muthafuckaaaaa”

  6. TexusTim says:

    “now you can ask me if Im gay or a reincarnation of steve mcqueen or both”……lol….ok for reals…”theres more were that came from”

  7. hsh says:

    Ducati’s? I didnt see any did you?

  8. Chaz Michael Michaels says:


  9. TLD says:

    Did I just win???

  10. Jaunty Al Louetta says:

    A win for Vale – See, that wasn’t Assen too much.

  11. Neil says:

    “Holy Shit…! I remember when that use to happen all the time on these Yamahas…….!”

  12. paulus says:

    in a true show of team mate friendship, Rossi excitedly offered Lorenzo somewhere to ‘park his bike’.

  13. jet says:

    rossi what a P.O.S.,just saying

  14. Westward says:

    ” I F C U K I N G WON? “

  15. smiler says:

    I canna notta sit down causee my balls are soooooooo bigga. But hey Lorreennzoo eee ass to stand up now on bike.
    I am bakkkkka.

  16. Jim says:

    Wow, this bike is faster than anyone thought

  17. Kai says:

    …since I fitted new brakes my only problem are my eyeballs that wont stay in place while breaking…

  18. FuzzyOne says:

    “Did you SEE that PASS on Marrquez? The doctor is IN, baby!”

  19. Angel City says:

    Where ees the fakking bathroom?

  20. pooch says:

    I am so ‘appy, for sure, I make a small mistake, I just sharted.

  21. Lock Pic says:

    VR46 forever! its about time

  22. Davey Gravy says:


  23. Norm G. says:

    do you smell what the ROSS is cookin’…!??!

  24. Freeman J says:

    Can you see me now?!?!

  25. Jones X says:

    “The Ross” ? Since when has he ever been called “The Ross” ? LOL

  26. FuzzyOne says:

    So, who won this caption competition?


  27. Grant Madden says:

    See I told you I would be back.Do you doubt me now?