Caption This Photo: Meditations in an Emergency

02/29/2012 @ 12:36 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


  1. yooperbikemike says:

    è che la merda di cane?

  2. Dr. Gellar says:

    Geeeez…why did I have to be a jack@$$ and burn my bridges at Yamaha…

  3. Bryan says:

    ” I thought they said they had changed something”

  4. Beary says:

    “Maybe it’s time to add another two wheels…”

  5. Ducatisti says:

    Ducati: hires back to Stoner and Rossi give retirement

  6. Tessier says:

    What’s up now Honda? My bike’s running so i’m going to take her for a few laps. LATER!

  7. Kevin says:

    “We meet again my friend. Shall we dance”

  8. Grant Madden says:

    Hmmm,I,m sure that wasn,t poking out like that before I went out for practice!

  9. Grant Madden says:

    It looks fast,wonder what the problem is now?

  10. tk says:

    mama mia! i push very hard

  11. keiths04 says:

    “….piece of sh*t………”

  12. proud41american says:

    “Now where did I put those keys?!”

  13. Skip says:

    “You see this “58” On my lid_RESPECT my wishes, or it’ll be “Ducati” next. . .

  14. R-Dog says:

    Rossi takes a time-out to view an exclsuive sight hardly ever seen by others – the rear end of a Desmosedicci.

  15. digfoto says:

    Man, do I have a “cool” helmet!

  16. tlzook says:

    At least this year I won’t be “fighting” the back half of the field, thanks CRT’s!

  17. Brian says:

    “Still 1 second off of Stoner…you can almost hear him shaking his head in the photo.”

  18. Brian ZS says:

    look at the ass on that thing!

  19. arkangel says:

    “ooh la la – the doctor needs a nurse ?”

  20. s2upid says:

    yoosa one sexy lady!~

  21. Rumblestrip says:

    right, about that opt out clause