Caption This Photo: The Secret Origin of the Funky Chicken

02/23/2011 @ 4:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS


  1. Ades says:

    “eh……..for sure JB your fart was good, but anyway, it’s better like diiiiiiiiiiiissssssss”

  2. Edward Kimmons says:

    First u shake it to the left, then u shake it to the right.

  3. Andre says:

    Don’t worry, they smell like racing fuel!

  4. yves says:

    sounds just like my Ducati, sorry about the smell JB.

  5. huhuhuh says:

    i saw lorenzo on my right….hey lorenzo….why u so slow today???..

  6. tone says:

    “Jerry, if you don’t fix this twitchy throttle I’m going to punch you !”

  7. Westward says:

    JB: Easy mate, it’s coming from the bike…

    VR: This, you said the same at Yamaha…

  8. castello says:

    VR: Hey Jerry..what if we change the Desmo to be a sidecar bike…yo’re gonna be my navigator…

  9. Hasmizal says:

    “Apa pasai dua kati ni senget sebelah.. aku tarik ke kiri.. dia pi kanan.. hanyir betul le motor ni…”

  10. Vmaxdoc says:

    So, a Ducati is like a Yamaha….push bars right, turn left?

  11. patron says:


  12. 76 says:

    After a decade of working together Burgess takes a moment to realize he has never listened to a word Rossi has spoken.

  13. Other Sean says:

    I shagged your mom last night.

  14. Odie says:

    For sure, no Jerry, you eata the pasta all wronge. You must twirle the pasta with your right hand and then put ina your mouth with the left. Ok? It was alright with Yamaha, they don’t know. But your are here witha the Italianos, now. Ess not ok.

  15. stevo says:

    JB – Rossi its all we got the ducati won’t get any faster we’ve done everything. That means Jorge might beat you at your own game.

    VR – I gotta go break my leg again Cya.

  16. JP4 says:

    After watching one too many episodes of American Chopper, Rossi tries to convince JB that converting the Ducati to hand shift and foot clutch is just what they need to beat Lorenzo.

  17. JP4 says:

    After so many years on a Yamaha, Rossi still gets freaked out when he sees JB in Ducati team colors.

  18. yves says:

    see, I told you I could do the national anthem JB.

  19. alexontwowheels says:

    JB: “You know Vale, Red and neon green really make your eyes sparkle in a way I’ve never noticed before…”
    Vale: “Oh fak.”

  20. Torch says:

    “I was just about ready to give Lorenzo a big left hook when the media people came in!”