Caption This Photo: Team Victories

10/22/2010 @ 5:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS


  1. Edward Kimmons says:

    I got three!!!
    Rossi: Hold on Jorge, let me get Dani first.


    Rossi: Damn, that champagne down my back is cold!!!


    Jorge: Back off Dani or I’ll turn my pitbull loose on u.

  2. doug says:

    Atomic Wedgie!


    “move over Valentino, I’m #1 this year”

  3. wayne says:

    Rossi: For sure, if I stand here just so, I can grab the Championship Trophy and outrun Yor-ghey to the trailers!

  4. Patron says:

    i guess he would take a bullet for his teammate. Rossi, what a guy

  5. jamesy says:

    Hold still Vale, remember I’m The Doctor now!

  6. bryson says:

    Throw mama from the train!!! lol

  7. Lindy-Lou says:

    No a bit further down Jorge … ahh that’s better!

  8. MARK says:


  9. 76 says:

    Lorenzo takes impersonating Rossi to the next level by trying to crawl inside him.

  10. 76 says:

    As Lorenzo has just won the 2010 MotoGP championship, Valentino Rossi stole the show by holding his breath while tap dancing the entire soundtrack to the movie Top Gun.

  11. toni says:

    rossi:”mmh mmh, who’s that sweet thing, man? nice ***”
    lor:”whooaa, nice indeed… sweet..”

  12. Terry Lemmons says:

    Stand back He`s got a kangaroo and he knows how to use it!

  13. irksome says:

    “Dees issa how I make-a dee pass inna Sepang. Fungool, issa MY bike!

  14. Darmah Bum says:

    Forget The Macarana Jorge !
    Let’s do The Pizzica !

  15. Greg says:

    No, no, no, not that way! Here, I’ll use the knee pucks instead

  16. Aaron says:

    Despite his best efforts, Valentino was unable to keep Jorge in his shadow.

  17. CBR600RR 09 says:

    Valentino “This is how you shake it like a polaroid picture”

  18. Neil says:

    VR: For sure, this will make a better photo…..

  19. Neil says:

    After secretly replacing Rossi’s chap stick with crazy glue, Jorge now had the upper hand….

  20. Damn you Valle, it wasn’t funny the last time you paid the soundman to play the Italian National Anthem in Spain, and now he’s playing it again for MY podium here ! !

    Or . . .

    Burgess is NOT going with you without talking to me first ! !

    Or . . . .

    You tell those Guidos they better NOT repo my Fiat ! ! !

  21. Theo d'Orgee says:

    Valentino……so this is what you mean by backing it in…..