Watch the Honda VFR1200F Be Built Every 90 Seconds at Kumamoto Factory

02/02/2010 @ 5:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Honda’s factory in Kumamoto is a high-tech enviormentally friendly facility that might just be as innovative as the new VFR1200F. Churning out a new VFR every 90 seconds, Kumamoto’s wrenches are all digitally linked, and store build information for each individual motorcycle. Did worker X have a habit of over-tightening the connecting rods? If so Honda can track exactly which bikes were affected by his/her mistake, pinpointing the problem. That’s pretty cool in our book.

Check out the video after the jump for more information about the Kumamota plant and watch the VFR1200F get put together.

Source: YouTube via Moto.Caradisiac

  • tedman

    something is fishy… at 0.28, shamu has a chain drive…

  • CrimsonLotusCustoms

    Impressive: Watch the Honda VFR1200F Be Built Every 90 Seconds – (via @Asphalt_Rubber)

  • Fake James こういうの見ると、少なくとも耐久性がいるバイクは日本で作るべきじゃないかと思う。

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  • Cheap Cycle Parts

    Video: Kumamoto Factory churning out a new Honda VFR1200F every 90 seconds

  • meanstrk

    In two different scenes, bikes with chain drive is shown rather than the shaftie of the new VFR.

  • ziptech800

    Probably a CBR1000RR is the chain drive bike. Since the video talks as much about the KumamotO factory as it does Shamu, it’s no surprise they may have used some shots of an adjacent assembly line.