First Shots of Valentino Rossi on the Ducati

11/09/2010 @ 6:33 am, by Jensen Beeler23 COMMENTS

Clad in only carbon fiber bodywork, Valentino Rossi made the mental switch from blue to red today, as he swung his leg over the Ducati Desmosedici for the first time — a moment Italy, and the whole of MotoGP have been waiting for the entire 2010 MotoGP season.

As such Rossi and his crew from Yamaha will not be wearing the Rosso Corsa just yet (the former Yamaha crew has instead elected to wear some very smart looking yellow sweaters), but Rossi’s yellow “46” did make it onto the bike for the testing session, which is about all the branding that Ducati & Rossi fans need to see at this point to get in a fervor.

Promoting his VR46 line, Rossi is wearing special one-off Dainese D-Air leathers, which like the D16, is all black with yellow accents, while his AGV helmet has a question mark set between the Italian’s sun & moon logo. We wouldn’t be surprised if a replica version of these became available later this year. Video, lap times, and photos after the jump.

Day 1 MotoGP Test Times from Valencia (as of 5pm local time):

PosRiderTeamFastest lapPrev. GapLead. GapLaps
1Jorge LorenzoYamaha Factory Racing1:32.01248
2Casey StonerHRC1:32.775+0.763+0.76344
3Ben SpiesYamaha Factory Racing1:32.878+0.103+0.86642
4Dani PedrosaRepsol Honda Team1:32.912+0.034+0.90035
5Marco SimoncelliSan Carlo Honda Gresini1:32.919+0.007+0.90759
6Andrea DoviziosoRepsol Honda Team1:33.190+0.271+1.17850
7Colin EdwardsMonster Yamaha Tech 31:33.513+0.323+1.50149
8Alvaro BautistaRizla Suzuki MotoGP1:33.558+0.045+1.54654
9Nicky HaydenDucati Team1:33.716+0.158+1.70454
10Valentino RossiDucati Team1:33.882+0.166+1.87056
11Randy De PunietPramac Racing Team1:33.914+0.032+1.90254
12Hiroshi AoyamaSan Carlo Honda Gresini1:33.953+0.039+1.94167
13Hector BarberaPaginas Amarillas Aspar1:34.110+0.157+2.09876
14Cal CrutchlowMonster Yamaha Tech 31:34.314+0.204+2.30259
15Loris CapirossiPramac Racing Team1:34.631+0.317+2.61971
16Toni EliasLCR Honda MotoGP1:35.058+0.427+3.04660
17Karel AbrahamCardion AB Motoracing1:35.076+0.018+3.06449

Source: MotoGP

  • vr46

    finally….thanks for the photo….what the main sponsor for the team? Marlboro, Fiat, Nastro Azzuro?

  • The Age of Aquarious has arrived….

  • Sam

    No coincidence Rossi did 46 laps then :-)

  • ML

    Its still Marlboro.

  • georGe aka-VintageWrencher

    The former Yamaha crew members who have made the team switch are wearing black not yellow shirts per a deal with Yamaha. Or so I have read.

  • Photos and Alex Briggs suggest otherwise. They are definitely out there wearing yellow sweaters.

  • Mickey

    The air wings on the GP11 are even bigger.

  • @ML Rossi is disagree with a tobacco brand as a sponsor. And, surely, with them Ducati could get other sponsors, like FIAT.

  • gnmac

    Yes FIAT should be the lead sponsor now :) A&R, thank you for bringing Christmas to us early!!!

  • Part of the reason (besides an Italian selling Italian cars) Fiat sponsored Yamaha was to get Rossi in F1 (either for promotions or after his MotoGP career). Fiat owns Ferrari, whose F1 team is sponsored by Marlboro….and Marlboro pays a HUGE portion of Ducati’s MotoGP bill. Marlboro’s dollars aren’t going anywhere, and I wouldn’t expect Fiat to be a sponsor just for kicks.

    That being said, I would not expect to see Fiat sponsoring Yamaha next year.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Whats with the rub my ass jensen on the still of the video before play starts?

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  • ML

    @Kumo: Don’t forget he was sponsored by Camel on Yamaha.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Is that the big bang version?

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  • Will

    Who’s Jensen?

  • vr46

    Editor of Asphalt & Rubber

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  • Gilberto

    Ohhh! VR/46 all the way!

  • Keith

    OH MY GOD HE’S WEARING WHITE WALLS! sheesh, surprised noone else said it…oh and he ran both motors big bang and screamer during the tests.

  • gnmac

    I wish he would run the SCREAMER!!!

  • Gilberto

    Lol i love this dude, he roks!!

  • Rock

    @Kumo. Who cares about Tobacco sponsorship. Are you that weak minded? Anyone who wants to sponsor a bike should be allowed, especially in this economy. You don’t see people jumping to sponsor anyone, and willing to spend all that money. So deal with it and hope that we don’t lose another bike on the grid.