Video: The Crash That Red Flagged Valencia

04/12/2010 @ 8:49 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

The clock is ticking on how long this video will last (although WSBK is noticably better about social media this season compared to last year), but here is what little footage that shows the Simon Andrews/Vittorio Iannuzzo crash from Race 2 at Valencia. Both riders were invovled in an incident down the Valencian front straight on the 4th lap of the race. With Andrews being thrown into the pit wall, and Iannuzzo collapsing off his bike further down the track, race officials made the prudent decision to flag the race moments later. Check the video after the jump.


  1. Video: The Crash That Red Flagged Valencia – #motorcycle

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  3. Blake says:

    Were both riders Ok? I looked on WorkSBK earlier today, but saw no mention of the wreck or the riders condition. I have no idea how the two could have had such a hard wreck while going straight unless they touched each other’s tires. Nasty looking wreck though.