The Buell 1125CR That Never Was…

11/09/2010 @ 7:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

When we talk about Buell motorcycles that fail to see the light of day, people are almost universally referring to the Buell Barracuda, the 1190cc successor to the 1125R series. Dubbed “The Buell We Wouldn’t Have to Make Excuses For”, the Barracuda lives on in many ways in the EBR 1190RR superbike, which we’ll see next year take its street-going form as the EBR 1190RS.

While the limited-production EBR 1190RS certainly is exciting to think about, and the Buellisti are already counting down the days until Erik Buell re-enters the street bike market, what has us chomping at the bit is the fact that in 2009 Spanish design firm Edda Design was commissioned by Buell to revamp the 1125CR street bike; and with the result they came up with, we wouldn’t mind seeing life breathed back into that project, just like the Barracuda.

Given marching orders to keep the “Buell spirit” alive in the new v-twin machine, Edda has certainly given the CR an edgier look over the original, building on the Buell love-it-or-leave-it design philosophy. While the hard parts seem to remain the same, you can definitely see where the 1190RS gets its subframe inspiration from, with the two bikes apparently using the same billet aluminum trellis framework.

The massive exhaust and carbon belly pan, slung under the motor in classic Buell fashion, mirrors the point that the tail section comes to, offsetting the lines and making a perceptual “Z” between the tail, frame, and exhaust/lower body panel. The design still leaves a bit to be desired in some aspects, but if this was an early concept before Harley-Davidson gave Buell the axe, you can imagine how the watered down corporate version would look…and we like that thought. Big hat tip to John Adamo for the lead!

Source: Edda Design


  1. Zoil says:

    As an 1125CR owner and EBR Fan, I would love to see the next generation of the CR… and something tells me we will.

  2. Jim says:

    Why do I have the feeling that waiting for a future Buell street bike will be like Waiting for Godot.

  3. keet says:

    so is this what happens when a designer loses his french curves and only has a straight edge to draw with? sorry, but it looks like something i used to draw in high school.

  4. Johndo says:

    Bold designs are rarely unanimous. I think lines are kind of like the KTM family in some aspects. A few little tweaks here and there, and this bike could be among the top 10 best looking naked bikes.

  5. dwolvin says:

    I still kick myself for not test riding the 1125cr when I had the chance,a nd really hope to see the ‘son of’ soon. Great looking bike in many ways, strange enough to show that Buell is willing to step outside the box. Hell, the belt tensioner alone had more style than anything that HD is doing (IMHO).

  6. Cliff says:

    I’d be sorely disappointed if that thing didn’t turn into a robot. =P

    Really digging the radiator side “gills”. Also liking the edges. It’s a nice departure from Buell’s history of rounded, curvy designs. Definitely more “menacing” than what’s on the market now.

  7. Mike L. says:

    That’s 2D, not a rolling production unit being sold at profit, and the two are faaaar apart. (Even more so for Erik Buell).
    Awesome drawing, though. Maybe another company will buy the design and wrap it around something reliable.

  8. Richard Gozinya says:

    Too sharp and Japanese looking for a Buell. It’s not all bad though, the radiator intakes are a huge improvement. The headlight setup needs to go, as does the chin and tail. Something more raw, in the tradition of the Lightning, would work much better.

  9. Mickey Martin says:

    that is Hot Hot Hot please bring that to life

  10. Dave Tweed says:

    “Facepalm” FUHD

  11. carboncanyon says:

    Looks like a Z1000.

  12. Gary says:

    I like the minimalism, but I’m not a fan of the sharp edges that seem so popular these days. Keep it simple and organic. The 1190RR looks GREAT. Hopefully the street version will be similar.

  13. Eduardo says:

    Go Buell! Go EBR!

  14. adrianno says:

    KEETS says “sorry, but it looks like something i used to draw in high school.”

    a perfect analogy

    what is the schoolboy fetish with making bikes look like fricking robots. jesus. grow up!

    that goes with the latest coming out of ducati. urgh..! they must have hired an DESigner schooled in japanese bike design