2013 BMW HP4 Priced at $19,990*

10/02/2012 @ 12:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Possibly the most lust-worthy sport bike of the year, the BMW HP4 has finally been priced by the Bavarians for the North American market. Clocking a $19,990 price tag MSRP, as usual, there is more to BMW’s pricing scheme than meets the eye.

While BMW plays its usual tricks, what is interesting is that despite all the add-ons, the BMW HP4 remains a relatively affordable premium sport bike. Punching just above the Ducati 1199 Panigale’s price tag, the German steed could easily justify its added cost with the inclusion of BMW’s Dynamic Damping Control, a semi-active suspension system.

Available in Q4 2012, the BMW HP4 comes with a variety of packages that significantly boost the HP4’s price into the mid-$20,000 range. We break down the cost of the packages and what you get with them, after the jump (mega photo gallery here).

BMW HP4 – Base Model ($19,990 MSRP): 

  • Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) semi-active suspension
  • Launch control
  • Akrapovic full titanium exhaust
  • Seven-spoke forged aluminum wheels in gloss black
  • Radial Brembo monobloc brake calipers
  • Race ABS with new IDM calibration
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with new 14-step adjustability
  • Gear shift assistant

BMW HP4 – Standard Package ($20,525 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Pillion Rider Package that includes a rear seat and rear footrests to accommodate a rear pillion rider (priced at $285)
  • Heated Grips

The Premium Package ($24,995 MSRP):

  • All base model items
  • Competition Package (individually priced at $4,470):
    • HP carbon engine spoiler
    • HP carbon trim
    • HP folding clutch and brake levers
    • HP rider footrests – adjustable
    • Forged aluminum wheels in Racing Blue Metallic
  • Sponsor decal kit (not mounted)
  • Pillion Rider Package (described above)
  • Heated Grips

Optional extras: Heated grips ($250) & an anti-theft alarm ($395).

Source: BMW Motorrad


  1. Afletra says:


  2. JCB says:

    wow. deal of the year. still fugly fairings.

    too bad I want my panigale R.

  3. Rich Melaun says:

    Amazing. If only I were young – and bullet-proof again.

    By the way, second sentence, second paragraph: “Punching just above the Ducati 1199 Panigale’s price tag, the German stead could easily….”

    I believe you mean, “Punching just above the Ducati 1199 Panigale’s price tag, the German *steed* could easily….”

    A steed is a horse. A stead is a person who takes the place of another.

  4. Afletra says:

    Even Panigale R looks lame when he face this alien. Ha.

  5. Bellini says:

    HP4 + Premium Package ordered… HA! :)

  6. richard says:

    No naked s1000rr announcement? I’m eagerly awaiting that.

  7. Jimmy Smith JR says:

    The color is horrible.

    Give us a tricolor red white blue!

  8. sburns2421 says:

    If $24,995 is “relatively affordable” (second paragraph), I guess I am more poor than I thought. Thanks for ruining my day.

  9. Bellini says:


    notice the use of “relatively” here. :)

    I guess affordable is not the right word… Perhaps “competitive” would have been better? The point is that, for what you get, the price is really aggressive and a great value.

    And man, that is easily one of the most stunningly beautiful superbikes ever made.

  10. Only an extra 300 bucks for a passenger seat and pegs, how sweet.

    Much as I appreciate what this BMW represents, instead of paying 24 grand, I think I’d buy an R1, then put 10 grand into the suspension, wheels, brakes, a race head and an exhaust system. Eat this Beamer for breakfast all day long, and then spend what’s left over on two years worth of gas :)

  11. Excuse me, that’s 25 grand, make that three years worth of high-octane gas for my 245 hp R1, that passes this BMW on one wheel at 200 mph with me waving as I go… bye-bye baby. :)

  12. Afletra says:

    @Aaron B. Brown
    Now that you mention it…I super-agree! Haha..

  13. Cobra says:

    @ Arron brown, I’m sorry but your comment about upgrading a R1 is a little far fetched. Lets say the R1 is $15k new out the door. Then the brembo mono’s are $3k, Ohlins Superbike forks (R/T Model) $10k or the basic ohlins $3k. Then full exhaust, filter, tune $2k. If you want internals engine mods the even more. Forged aluminum wheels $1.8 or magnesium $3k. So to get the R1 up to par cost more money. And you don’t DDC or the carbon parts. Bottom line is you can’t make things a cheap as the big manufacturer. Can you sell groceries cheaper than wal-mart? No why? Because they have leverage. However can you make a bike that is solely expressed by you thats different.

  14. choski says:

    Bellini! WTF! this bike may be incredible but it is FUGLY! The Panigale in red is a head turner, gorgeous, and will score chicks.

  15. William says:

    Where can I order this bike and whats the ETA on arriving in the states?