Video: The Sound of the Festive Season

12/20/2013 @ 3:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Video: The Sound of the Festive Season harley davidson merry christmas 2014 635x423

One of the better holiday greetings we have seen come out of the motorcycle industry, Harley-Davidson sends us a Merry Christmas with this cleverly done video. We can’t imagine how many takes it took to get the potato remix of “O Holy Night ” just right, but they nailed it.

Source: Harley-Davidson Europe (YouTube)


  1. jet says:

    Oh god,I see oil leaking all ready and a small bolt fall off,must be them un-corked pipe’s and H.P.,,,,,,lol

  2. XLCH says:

    Clever, and music to mine ears! A man’s music — not a bunch of bumblebees and mosquitos whining “Angels We Have Heard On High”.

    @jet– Harleys haven’t leaked a drop for decades, nor have bolts come loose. Ever hear of “blue glue” (Loc-Tite)? All real riders use it– it’s in every brand’s maintenance manuals. And what you’re hearing is 50-State EPA legal. Quit being a Harley wannabe — step up and join the Club.

  3. jman says:

    They got it roughly close and then used AUTO-TUNE, you can hear it as it mucks up the timbre (higher harmonics of the root note) by making them pitch perfect also, when theyre not meant to be.

  4. smiler says:

    The sound of hopeless inefficiency from a bygone era of victorian engineering.

    This is much better:

    or this which is even better, Renault playing the British National Anthem!

  5. ax1464 says:

    “Quit being a Harley wannabe — step up and join the Club.”

    That kind of attitude is why I will probably never own an H-D. Most owners are too pig-headed (get it? ha ha) to accept that there are other bikes at least as worthy of being ridden and owned than Harleys.

    Oh, yeah, and I’m not man enough.

  6. Lttlcheeze says:

    Or you have the classic.