KTM 125 Teaser Video

08/19/2010 @ 2:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

KTM is hard at work on its new 125cc streetbike (which still needs a name) geared to young riders. Debuted at the EICMA show in Milan last year, KTM hopes to bring young riders into the “Ready to Race” brand at an early age. Accordingly, KTM released two concepts last year which centered around a 125cc four-stroke motor.

With a concept for track riding and a concept for stunting, KTM hopes this new bike will strike a nerve with what young riders think is cool about motorcycling. The bikes looked pretty good to us when we saw them first-hand in Milan, and from the looks of this teaser video, the R&D behind the concepts is coming along quite nicely.

Source: KTM (YouTube)


  1. TwinMe says:

    Thats is one C00L little bike (read:doesn’t look made out of Tin parts made in India and designed when Dinosaurs roamed Earth).
    I would buy it if it was cheap (less $$$ than a Ninja 250) and would come to the U.S.A but being a KTM ($$$) and a 125 i REALLY DOUBT that’s the case.

  2. emd says:

    Really wonder where this one is going to come in on MSRP… north or south of 5000?

  3. Greg says:

    I Love the concept, but at 125cc it’s going to be relegated to being a ‘city’ bike. If KTM would drop a 250cc motor in it I think its viability would be a lot better (at least in the USA). Kudos to KTM though for reaching out to the younger/new riders with this bike.

  4. KTM 125 Teaser Video – http://aspha.lt/1a1 #motorcycle

  5. doug says:

    If they bring that bike to the USA in either a 125 or 250 and I’m first in line to buy one. That would be an absolute HOOT! Bring it KTM, bring it….

  6. Doctor Jelly says:

    Heh, nude pinup at 19 seconds…

  7. patron says:

    i wish i weighed 90lbs again.

  8. Nesto says:

    KTM if you’re listening, bring them over to the US in a 250 or 350 please!

  9. Mohan Nair says:

    Didn’t Bajaj design this bike in India?