Bezzi Imagines Ducati Dirt/Supermotard Bikes

05/05/2010 @ 3:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

We don’t expect Ducati to start making dirt-derived motorcycles anytime soon, but that didn’t stop Italian motorcycle sketcher Oberdan Bezzi from inking a pair of drawings that explore this unlikely scenario. Named the Desmotard and Desmocross, Bezzi takes a fairly standard approach to the aesthetics of dirt bikes, and adds a few Ducati inspired touches. If you close your eyes and imagine a Ducati SX bike, is this what you see? It’s hard for us to say yes to that question, but we do love the naming convention being used.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi Designs


  1. georGe aka-VintageWrencher says:

    Hmmm….425cc(848R) & 599cc(1198R) Testatretta singles,that would be interesting. If they used the rear cylinder and case’s they could do a Yamaha dealio w/ intake at front,exhaust out the back and the cylinder would be layed back.
    I really dont see anyhing in the sketch that screams Ducati. Now if it had a tube or trellis frame……

  2. Bezzi Imagines Ducati Dirt/Supermotard Bikes – #motorcycle

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  4. Brian says:

    Get them to build it. I’ll buy it!