Video: Stay a Hero, Stay Safe

06/13/2011 @ 6:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

It seems more often than not, the video advertisements we feature here on Asphalt & Rubber are examples of what is wrong with marketing in the motorcycle industry. However every once and a while, we get a gem like this safety campaign for The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, which was done by director Daniel Cox , the maker of a similar car campaign that was quite the rage in the advertising world.

The best part about this ad is that it centers around a little boy who seeS the motorcycle of his father, and wants to share in that experience. In a way, a lot of us are like little boys when we get on our bikes, and there certainly is a captivating element with motorcycles and small children. It just makes the imagery seem more fitting, and then there is of course the whole rolemodel message. It’s good heartfelt stuff, and it’s waiting for you right after the jump.

Source: Ad Week via AutoBlog


  1. Jake Fox says:

    I think I just teared up a little.

  2. john magnum says:

    holly shit, i was going to bead up. i have to cuddle my kids.
    i love you guys……

  3. Rexr says:

    Agreed with u both (and I don’t have kids) it’s a sobering thought indeed…

  4. Cpt.Slow says:

    +1 Jake Fox

  5. MikeD says:

    Coolness just got a new meaning… (O_O )
    Yes, it almost bring tears to my eyes… (^_^ )

  6. Phil Hall says:

    As someone said when this was first published on Youtube, “Damn, who’s been peeling onions in here?”

  7. J. Dock says:

    Really dusty in here…