Kawasaki to Release a Single-Cylinder 250cc Sport Bike?

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According to TMCBlog (more photos on their site), Kawasaki may be planning to release a new entry level sport bike as a cost effective option for the Southeast Asian market. Rumor has it that this 250cc, single-cylinder bike is under construction and would be the more economical cousin to the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and its parallel-twin engine, while providing more competition for the Honda CBR250R.

While none of this can be confirmed, for time being it is a safe bet that if Kawasaki wants to remain competitive in its Asian markets, and it would be a good business strategy for Kawasaki to produce a bike that is comparable to many of the other single-cylinder bikes in the region, which are being produced by Honda, Suzuki, and KTM.

Although the new single-cylinder seems to share some of its components with the larger Kawasaki Ninja 300, it will pale in comparison as far as performance is concernced, but let’s be honest, in the target markets for these bikes, the consumer is more concerned with reliability, cost of maintenance and fuel economy than performance.

Although there is still a very large market for the twin-cylinder Kawasaki Ninja 250, this single-cylinder equipped machine, if released, will add another weapon to Kawasaki’s arsenal, as the Japanese OEM tries to maintain its position in the vital and competitive small-displacement landscape.

Source: TMCBlog