Nelis 1000R: A Re-imagining of the TL1000R

02/25/2010 @ 5:53 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

The Suzuki TL1000R is a special bike. It garnered little love from the media during its release; but despite being discontinued seven years ago, the TLR continues to foster a cult following, especially in Europe. So it doesn’t surprise us a great deal that when 25 year old fabrication apprentice, Mathijn Nelis, set out to create is first custom work under the careful gaze of master builder Nico Bakker, that the young Dutchman chose to work with the stout TL v-twin powerplant that dwarfed its Italain competitors during its initial release.

Starting with a custom frame of his own design, Nelis built his bike with some of the best components available for the TL…and since their isn’t a large aftermarket parts market for the bike, which in reality means that Nelis fabricated many of exquisite elements himself that you see on the Nelis 1000R.

The bike features Nelis’ own rearsets, exhaust hangers, triple clamp, and hand beaten aluminum bodywork.¬†Other go-fast parts come in the form of Brembo monobloc calipers, which are radially mounted to the Marzocchi forks up front. Wheels are provided by Marchesini, and rotors are by Braking.

The Nelis 1000R is a stunning example of the TL breed, and shows that even 10+ years after the Suzuki TL1000R was introduced to the market, the bike and it’s class-beating motor still have some life left in them. Perhaps Suzuki killed off the Ducati-killer a bit premature? We’ll leave the talk about rotary dampers for the comments section. Thanks for the tip Mathias!

Source: Bakker Frames via TLZone

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Nelis 1000R: A Re-imagining of the TL1000R – #motorcycle <Reminds me more of the TL1000-S. HOT!

  • love twins. awesome bike. RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Nelis 1000R: A Re-imagining of the TL1000R – #motorcycle

  • Sean Mitchell

    I wouldn’t so much call this a “stunning example of the TL breed”, it seems to only have a TL engine. That makes it all the more impressive, it’s a one off with a TL lump. PB had a nice “Obsession” article about a guy who shoved a TL engine in a 748, which was well done. This is in yet another league. Completely gorgeous, and well done to the young pup who built it.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Nelis 1000R: A Re-imagining of the TL1000R

  • tc

    Hated my 98 TLR.
    notchey injection, kinda fat (felt big), chunky (heavy), rear cylinder heat bled into shock and frame (felt hot between legs), rear suspension was frustrating (never could tune it in for the track)…..
    Too many decent motors to choose over the suzuki twin.
    I really enjoy the daytona 675 motor. I’d be perfect if it could put out 15-20% more juice…..
    How about a 750-800cc version:)

  • Gernot

    Cool but not really new:

    wasn’t it Cagiva’s V Raptor 1000 some yaers ago that already had this engine ?

  • Matthew

    The SV1000/DL1000 engine was basically a TL engine, too. This is a gorgeous bike, but is it that different an idea from all those one off choppers that use S&S engines?

  • Mr B

    How much does it weigh? and any other details :)

  • I want one! As a former TL-1000s owner, I know the potential of Suzuki’s 1000cc V-twin. I had a ’97. It was said to be the highest performing of all the “S” models and I can attest to what a torque/wheelie monster it was! Loved it!