Tasty Streetfighter from Motovation Accessories

04/08/2010 @ 10:34 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

What do you get when you take some of the tastiest aftermarket bits for the 2010 Ducati Streetfighter and stick them on the bike of year for 2008?…well we think that answer is apparent. With a killer custom paint job, Ducati performance parts, and some of the latest pieces from Rizoma for the Streetfighter, this bike is a stunner. We just got some ideas for our office SF, how about you? Check out all the photos after the jump.

Source: Ducati News Today

  • Steven

    Looks like ass to me.

  • Harumph

    It’s like that super overproduced Guns n Roses record that came out a year or so back.

  • Bodge

    I think the G’n’R comment is on the oney…

    Tarts handbag.

  • 1098S

    Looks great..breaks tradition and took a bold step to be different. Rizoma bits compliment well. You guys are just jealous.

  • Cactus

    What you get is an ugly ass motorcycle. Britney Spears took a bold step too when she cut off all her hair…didn’t help though. And trust me, I know ugly, I ride a TL1000R and a Hayabusa! Amazing I never bought a Madura!!!

  • Sean Mitchell

    The paint’s a bit much. Just because it costs a lot, doesn’t make it tasteful.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Oh. My. God

    That thing is SEXY!!!!!!!

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  • Desmogirl

    I have seen this bike in real life at Ducati Austin and I like it!!! Such detail is hard to look at in pictures. Every time you look at it you see something different. Good effort. Let’s see some of the work of the naysayers.

  • MonkeyDuc

    Two words…

    Get Toe

  • Billy B.Tso

    apart from the dog ugly gelati paint, absolutely awesome!! it’s over the top, like any custome bike should be! top effort chaps!

  • meatspin

    i thought the paint was the nicest part of the bike other than the termis, but I’ll still take a ducati red over any other color

  • I’ m down with it.. 100%

    BST’s, the Termi’s are bad ass, love the overall look. The paint design/colors do remind me of that hard ribbon candy at Christmas time. I’d ride it and grin the whole time though.

  • Alex

    Excuse me, Motivation Accessoriesor MotovationAccessories?

  • Alex

    Excuse me, Motivation Accessories or Motovation Accessories?

  • LKM

    Nice!!! very tricked…………… and wicked………………

  • Testastratta

    The SF is Kickass!!

  • Trev

    It really made the Ducati look out of this world. WOW! Great Stuff

  • anon

    Truly original and stands out from the crowd. Over the top? Possibly, but that is what a custom bike should be… above and beyond the norm. I believe Motovation did a great job of infusing a touch of class in an otherwise rather shallow sea of boring SF builds.

  • andrew

    ‘Tasty’? I think you meant ‘Garish’!
    Termi pipes are nice though.

  • TNT

    Very nice effort. Love the Rizoma goodies on the bike. A custom is what it is. An expression of an individual’s creativity. Some may hate it but there will be just as many who do. More importantly, it’s good to stimulate such individual expressions. I personally think that they could have gone ‘louder’ with the design. :)

  • Keep it simple, the paint clashes and it’s giving the Rizoma Company a bad name. The Termignoni’s are also a bad representation for the Streetfighter as well. Keep it simple rule should have been applied as well.

    Just yesterday I was cruising around and in front of me was this purple colored low rider with four San Diego Charger Fan flags, which was also being by a P-Bro. I figured he was confused but more hilarious part of it all was the graphics on his bumper it stated, “Statutory Grape.” OMG my friend and I just said, “Stuuuuuupid!” Then just laughed our asses off. (Sorry I said the word Asses, for all you Hyper-Sensitive Pussies.)

    Hats off to those agree with me and the rest of you quit making exuses, get your eyes checked and above all sorry to have your panochas hurt.