Rumor: Dainese up for Sale?

12/20/2013 @ 5:23 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


Motorcycle industry gossip is at a fever pitch this week with speculation that Italian motorcycle apparel manufacturer Dainese is up for sale. Adding credence to that rumors, Asphalt & Rubber has received a number of tips about the possible sale of the company, with a private investment group cited as a possible buyer.

When we approached with this information, Dainese simply said that rumors were simply that, rumors. However it is worth noting that at the helm of the company for the past few months has been interim-CEO Federico Minoli, the same man that lead Ducati Motor Holding to being acquired by Texas Pacific Group, and later took the Italian motorcycle manufacturer public on the New York Stock Exchange.

A long-time friend of Dainese founder Lino Dainese, Minoli would hypothetically be an ideal candidate to help the Italian gear maker to navigate the investment waters and any possible acquisition. However, if such a sale should come to fruition, it is not clear what this could mean for the Italian brand.

Dainese is currently putting a great deal of its future into its air bag technology, which has been showcased with the company’s D-Air equipped motorcycle apparel for the race track and street. With applications beyond motorcycling and even sports in general, the technology and intellectual property behind Dainese’s D-Air products could prove to be very lucrative.

Still a European centric brand as well, Dainese’s growth potential in North America, as well as in other emerging markets, remains not fully tapped — a valuable area for growth that would-be investors would be keen to exploit. For now though, keep an eye on this space. More news as we get it.

Source: Bothan Spies

  • ML

    I got $50. Who else wants to chip in?

  • BrokeOn2Wheels

    I got another $50 on it.

    Now go get the paperwork and lets do this.

  • TexusTim

    I wonder if Rossi is in on the investment group on this…Merry Christmas everyone !

  • KSW

    Rossi? I was thinking BridgePoint will do a MAG group type private equity thing and buy Dainese. Then they just need Ducati and a helmet company to move it all to Spain and start the whole thing over. LOL

  • Bayliss

    All I have worn for years is Dainese!

  • Damo

    I have always found the price of Dainese riding gear doesn’t match up with the quality (their boots being the lone exception to this rule).

    For the same price I can get domestic handmade Vanson leather gear that is about three times as abrasion resistant.

  • Mike

    Let’s hope quality doesn’t change in case this happens!!
    @Damo I think the two product are really different, both good I’d say. Dainese is definitely (to me) more comfortable and gives me more freedom of movement, which is also a safety aspect. Also, leather’s abrasion resistance is not the only factor to take into consideration. Stitching i.e. is at least as important as leather. In any case is good there there is still a few brands out there that are not entirely Made in China…

  • RM

    Any idea how is Dianese/AGV doing financially? are they..erm..broke? :(

  • dipthroat

    Well, production will surely move to China, if that has not already happened

  • Alex

    I can’t tell you that there is a due diligence in act at the moment.
    I can’t tell you that Texas Pacific Group is very interested.