Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33%

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Brammo Enertia Price Drop

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo made a huge step in it’s mission of luring the non-motorcycle owning public from the comfort of their cages and onto two wheels. While Jenny Gun and most of the motorcycle press were in Milan documenting the new model intros at EICMA Brammo dropped the price of the $11,995 Enertia electric motorcycle to $7995. A move that stole some of the spotlight from ground breaking internal combustion machines like the  Ducati Multistrada 1200.

If a $7995 price tag has you thinking about going electric sit tight, you will pay less. A 10% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195 and some states such as Oregon will see additional tax credits bring the price down to $5,695. If that is not a clincher, Best Buy is offereing 0% financing for 24 months with $2000 down at $250 per month. When you consider a charge costs 30 cents, there are no oil changes, no valve adjustments, no burns your girlfriends legs (read: Your paying my deductible!), etc, last weeks cool but very expensive electric motorcycle is now looking like an affordable commuter and city bike. Is the price a desperate attempt to sell electric motorcycles to people who don’t want them? No, it is an ambitious plan 2 years in the making finally taking shape.

The price drop comes after Brammo sold it’s 100th Enertia. Not bad considering they are currently for sale in only 5 Best Buy stores and on Bramscher chooses to pass saving on to the customer as technological advances bring down cost. He explains it is the same way the consumer electronics market works. The Oregon based manufacturing plant has capacity to produce 10,000 units monthly but there was no word on where that volume will take the price. There are however rumors that the price drop is moving bikes.

So what is next in Brammo’s mission to champion the cause for electric motorcycles and wow the consumer? Bramscher mentioned an iPhone app is on the way that will help users understand the benefits of the Enertia and possibly build a community around Brammo owners. Brammo had a 2 bike presence at the Isle Of Man TT last year and finished 3rd place. A great finish but I am sure they would love to see first place in 2010 in the US based TTXGP, UK based TTXGP and the Isle of Man TTXGP. Also, keep you eye out for the soon to be released Brammo Anti-scooter.

It’s very likely Brammo has other tricks up it’s sleeve. Brammo has yet to succeed in shocking Barack but did a great job of shocking the motorcycle industry. The question on everyone’s mind now is, will Zero, Quantya, Electric Motorsport and others reciprocate with a price drop?

Be sure to read Tradition Is Not A Business Model: Brammo for more information on Brammo. The comments by A&R readers also provide great arguments against Brammo’s plans so be sure to have a look.

Full press release follows:

Brammo Introduces New Price For The Enertia Plug-In Electric Motorcycle, Now $7,995

The 33% savings is a direct result of engineering advances

Ashland, Oregon – November 10, 2009 – BRAMMO, maker of plug-in electric motorcycles, announced today it is dropping the price of the all-electric BRAMMO Enertia powercycle, to $7,995. Customers are also eligible for a 10% federal income tax credit, further reducing the price to $7,195.

“While this pricing breakthrough is innovative in transportation, it is in line with consumer electronics, where engineering and production advances get passed on to customers as quickly as possible to stimulate adoption of the technology,” stated Craig Bramscher, founder and CEO of Brammo. “The Enertia is consumer electronics that you can ride and BRAMMO’s engineers are able to deliver a better value proposition to customers sooner than a traditional transportation company.”

Today, qualified customers can walk into select Best Buy stores and with a $2,000 down payment, ride out on an Enertia for $249 a month with 24-month no interest with payments financing offered through Best Buy. The Enertia can also be purchased direct from in select states where the product is not yet available at a Best Buy.

The BRAMMO Enertia powercycle is the ideal commuter vehicle as it blends an exhilarating ride experience with environmental consciousness and low operating costs. The Enertia has a top speed of over 60 mph, has a range of 42 miles and charges in about four hours by plugging into a standard wall outlet-all while using less than a dollar in electricity per 100 miles ridden.

“With this price reduction Brammo has positioned electric vehicles for the mass market and consumers can now be part of a solution to the transportation crises that America is facing,” said Bramscher. “The wait is over, consumers can now buy an EV that is price competitive with a gas burning alternative and enjoy reduced maintenance and substantially lower ownership costs.”

Fans and media can follow Brammo on Twitter @BrammoSays and on its Facebook fan page, Brammo Powercycles

About Brammo
Brammo ( is a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer developing sustainable performance products for the next generation of transportation. Through integration of digital engineering and high impact design, Brammo transforms ideas into compelling products. Located in Ashland, Oregon the company was founded in 2002 and is privately held.

  • This is an ominous beginning. I hope this doesn’t kill the momentum that the electric motorcycle industry seemed to be building up.

  • Ah, I missed half of the article because of a slow page load. I guess it is a good thing and they aren’t dropping the price due to lack of interest, like I had assumed.

  • Tagger

    I think they ARE dropping the price because of lack of interest, Who in their right mind would buy that bike for $12k? If they WERE selling, why lower the price? There is absolutly zero economy of scale in making 100 bikes, I also seriously doubt they sold that many.The bikes are rotting in a back room of your local bestbuy. Instead of being three time as expensive, it is only twice as expensive as it ought to be. Well done.

    For $5500 I can buy a yama 250 supermoto(arg! that thing is tempting). A real value, or I can pay more for a brammo, with half the HP and nasty range limitation.

    10,000 units? Baahhh haa ha, right.

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  • @Tagger – currently, the Portland Best Buy is telling folks that they can’t get their new Enertias delivered until Nov. 21 due to demand. The were selling plenty, but the price drop was part of a long term plan by Brammo. The Yamaha 250 supermoto is a great dirt bike and directed toward a totally different market than the Enertia. Zero makes a decent electric moto. The Enertia is a commuter bike. I would venture a guess that most of the buyers of it are concerned with the environment, dependency on foreign oil, and maybe even the development of more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33%: Motorcycle news, Industry Rumors, MotoGP, World Superbike, and More. … Brem..

  • Kinoscope

    Tagger — seems more likely that it’s an effort to boost sales as the riding season winds down. Fortunately in some places (like LA) the riding season is year round! :)

  • Tagger

    Well, at $8k they have a chance of selling at least a few bikes, esp with the tax incentives, but the idea that it is a totaly different market than M/C’s currently on the market is just a bit unrealistic. Price point IS market segmentation, if you are in the $7-8 range, there are alot of bikes out there(sv650,versis, dr650 yadayada) that are great values. The smallbore supermoto isn’t that much different than a short-range electric, you are not likely to take a little 250 out for a 200mi+ ride, blasting aroud town is about all it is good for.

    Look, I would love to see an electric go mainstream, I have been interested in the tech for awhile(killacycle running low 8sec 1/4mi). I love torquey engines, and bikes that are quiet(my beemer makes more wind noise at 60mph than the engine), but I am not likely to spend WAY more money to get less.

  • RT @shockingbarack: Brammo Enertia slashes prices 33% and offers tax credits

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  • Tagger,

    Geez… You seem angry! If I see something I don’t like, I pretty much ignore it. Like monster trucks or professional wrestling- they don’t really do anything for me, so I don’t spend much time saying anything about them one way or the other.

    Look… the Enertia was designed and built for somebody that values riding a bike that is “green”. For either reasons of reducing dependency on foreign oil (my brother’s fighting in Baghdad right now, so I’m one of these), reducing CO2 emissions, or just being part of something bigger than themselves, they see an added value to this bike that you clearly do not. They’re not bad people and neither are you. They just have different values. If you don’t like our bike, then ok, that’s fine. I just wanted to point out that there is value to the bike outside of the traditional metrics you choose to assess it by.

    Here’s hoping we can build something in the future that makes you happy again! If you ever warm up to the idea, we’d love to have you as a customer to help us move the technology in the right direction.

    -Brian Wismann.
    Director of Product Development – Brammo, Inc.

  • tagger

    I am always a little angry, it keeps the heart pumping(at least until it stops).

    Yeah, I get that there is value in ‘green’, and no, there is nothing wrong with buying or selling your bikes or the people doing so. Sell 10,000 of them, change the world.

    Since you are taking taxpayer money with every sale, I am pretty sure I can have an opinion.

    If you want to make me happy(no easy task. but BMW managed it) build a bike that has more power than the lowest entry gas learner, as a start. Then charge a fair price for a good product.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • Will G

    Wow so for just over $7K I can go 35 mph for 30 miles then in a few hours I can get back home.

    No thanks I’ll keep my $5000 600rr.

  • Apples and oranges, Will. Your bike is a street racer and the Enertia is targeted at the commuter market. Just to illustrate:

    Wow, so for just over $7K I can have a quiet motorcycle that plugs in to a standard outlet, can get me to and from my job every day, has zero tailpipe emissions, does not support our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and is made in America? Oh, and depending on what state I live in, I may end up about $2700 out of pocket after tax credits?

    No thanks. I’ll keep my $5000 600rr which emits CO2, supports that dependence on foreign oil, wakes my neighbors, and is made by Honda in Japan.

    Different strokes, different folks.

  • Will G

    Slow and expensive is not smart. I don’t care about carbon emissions that have not been decisively linked to anything and if we get rid of this current administration we might be rid of our foreign oil dependence. My Honda was made here in America by US workers.

  • Will – What year is your Honda? Also, if you care to share, what are the first 10 digits of your bike’s VIN? I’m not doubting your claim that it was made in America, just surprised, and curious, based on my understanding of Honda’s manufacturing facilities.

  • Will G

    I typed too soon. I didn’t fact check my rebuttal. My particular bike was made in Japan but a great deal of Hondas are made in Ohio’s Marysville plant (till next year).

  • Okay… it’s not like the Brammo Enertia is 100% American parts… but most of it is, and it is assembled by Americans in Ashland, Oregon.

    As for the debate on carbon emissions not being decisively linked to anything, I’m not sure what you’re referring to there. I think even the Bush administration came around to recognize the connection between carbon emissions, CO2 levels, and climate change. Anyway, you are firm in your resolve that electric motorcycles are not for you. That’s fine with me. You seem like a decent guy. I’m out to convert the fence-sitters and the folks who may have never thought about the possibility of commuting by electric motorcycle; the folks who are concerned about the deterioration of the environment and wonder what they might do to stop contributing to the decline. The Enertia may not be THE answer, but I do think that electric vehicles are a big part of the answer.

  • skadamo

    Great discussion here.

    Thanks Brian for posting, it’s gonna be a long slog getting the message out and you guys (including Brammo Fan) are doing an above average job of that. Comments and forums is where the education will happen imho. I’ve been in the forums discussing underdog bikes for the last 8 years or so. It’s gonna get fugly. Please continue to give us as many facts as possible to help out.

    Tagger has some decent arguments that probably reflect a lot of people’s opinions. Delivery was a little harsh and accusatory [reason 4 price drop] but hey, your an enthusiast. I hear similar views from my friends. Some want to slap me when I talk electric. :D They love what they have. Big noise, BIG manhood extending power. On top of that they are brand loyal. CRF450, XR650, RVT1000, nothing else will do.

    Tagger, a yamaha 250 supermoto is more powerful but kinda boring. It’s an entry to mid level bike. Not gonna get much attention. Brammo Enertia on the other hand, one of a kind. Different and ground breaking is worth a lot to many people. It’s a new genre.

    Personally I am very sick of the 20 year runs of models like the KLR650 and Honda Rebel. The SV650 you mention is going on 10 years. Great bike, I own one. Don’t get me started on the “choose your color” liter and supersports.

    When you say “pay more for less” you are only considering power and range. True, no one is gonna buy an Enertia because it’s fast. Same goes for the yami ‘tard. When you look past that, Brammo actually offers more. Tunable via pc, low maintenance, wifi and GPS (not sure what their gonna do with that yet exactly but I see a lot of possibilities… Brian? :D ), we’ve touched on “green”. Lots of cool geek factor in electric.

    This weekend I was at a local dualsport ride and the Chicago Zero rep brought a Zero S. Multiple guys went on long emotional rants about oil dependency and expressed the desire for an American bike. Many are pissed Buell is gone and America can’t build a decent non-cruiser bike. (Well, ATK can in small numbers.) Don’t count these “mores” out.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • Will G

    I might consider electric when the technology and price match what I currently have.

    As for the “Global warming” CO2 stuff for every study that shows we’re causing it there is one that says it’s happening naturally. Scientists can’t even agree as to whether we’re causing it or it’s doing it on it’s own. All I know is that my home town in Argentina got snow this year for the first time in history and lots of it. My current home town keeps getting colder and colder winters with more snow. I didn’t realize warming caused snow.

    Global warming is profitable for a lot of people. If news got out that the world was actually cooling like some say it might be, there would be no money to make.

    Politicians say it’s warming and they are making lots of cash from it so forgive me if I’m cynical.

    The electric bike seems nice as far as saving money if I lived in a big city it might be something to consider. But like a lot of people I got a bike for the performance aspects, not to save money or the environment. When an electric bike can hit 120+, go 200 miles between charges and use things like engine braking I might consider them. Till then the cost does not justify the expense.

  • Will S

    “if we get rid of this current administration we might be rid of our foreign oil dependence.”

    It amazes me that there are Americans this dumb. Sadly, their numbers seem to be growing.

    Anyway, nice bike. This is a market that will grow, and it seems Brammo has a long business life ahead of them.

  • Tagger


    I agree that the gas bikes out there are a little boring, ‘pick a color’ is spot on.
    The manufactures have no place to go, engines are about as good as they are going to get.
    And yes, the KLR650 is a turd, but it is a best selling turd, I am pretty sure it is the best selling dual sport out there. Go figure.

    Pay more for less, yes I am considering range and power, those are the most important considerations in a bike. The little yama’tard is putting out 30+hp(that is the race 250, right out of the dirt bike), pretty amazing from such a small displacement. The brammo is putting out 13kw, about 15-16hp. The zero claims ~30kw, 35hp+. It costs too much too, but at least it could probly run with the yama250. Bikes MUST be able to get out of their own way. Brammo has the hype machine down, but the actual machine seems like it needs alot more work.

    Will G is saying 120mph/200mi range, or 60+hp and 15+kwh battery. I dunno if something like that is buildable, but the isle of man bike were about that spec.
    Maby you could cut the range, but please don’t cut the power. Can’t we be green, AND have fun?, or is it hairshirts for everybody.

    Foreign oil dependence is a funny term these days, when a majority of our oil comes from canada and south america.

  • spiffster

    Not sure why an Enertia is being compared to 600RR or anything in that class for that matter. I don’t compare my Ducati 999 to a Harley. I am gonna buy one of these bikes (and keep my Ducati) for several reasons:

    1. the Ducati is impractical for an everyday commuter because of maintenance costs and comfort, the Brammo is perfect for daily rides into work. If im running late I will take the duc.

    2. My ford explorer sucks down gas but is great in the snow… on the other hand the Enertia is great for the exact opposite reasons.

    3. I’m looking forward to a fat tax break here in colorado.

    Basically what I am getting at here is that the Enertia is a great supplement to my current vehicles. Sure I will have to replace the battery down the road but the way that technology is progressing I’m betting that when I do, the battery will be much cheaper and the range it provides will be much further.

  • Will S

    “Basically what I am getting at here is that the Enertia is a great supplement to my current vehicles.”

    This is exactly the way to view this. Most of the wear of an internal combustion piston engine occurs at startup. So, you really want to get the max amount of miles out of each start-up. It would seem the Brammo would not only save you money on gas as a work commuter, but also “save” wear and tear on your Ducati’s engine from the short 10-20 mile trips to work. This would result in much longer life with the Duc for the weekend canyon carving/touring trips.

    Not to mention it takes over five miles for a Ducati to even warm-up :>)

  • Will G. blames a one year old administration for our dependence on foreign oil? Actually thought his 600rr was made at the Goldwing Valkyrie plant? I bet his right on about this global warming crap!

  • Will G

    Actually I blame a 3 year old democrat run house and senate for it but thanks for paying attention.

  • What about the six years before that Will? It goes alot farther back than 3-6 or even 30 years and blaming either side does no good. If you don’t think fossil fuels are hurting the environment thats cool but they will run out or become so scarce that it won’t be sustainable. The Brammo is not going to replace either of my bikes now but I will be checking one out for a commuter come spring. Peace and have a good night brother!

  • Greg

    Check out Leno’s garage review of the Enertia, he finds it quite impressive. If there were a BB in WI to test one, I would. It would leave me with less commuter wear and tear on my Duc and the Enertia would probably garner the same attention as the Duc. I am definitely intrigued and have no reservations at all about tax incentives for alternate fuel vehicles. If it keeps us out of foreign wars, massive military spending, and American lives lost, then it’s money well spent and saved.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • I own over 130 motos. I ride every day. I built a single-family HOUSE in Manhattan so I could ride bikes in and out of my own (clean) garage , and have a hose , and tools ; among other reasons :)

    I collect Italian sport and (250GP) race bikes . I ride KTM’s in NYC because they relish in the abuse of steel plates and depressed sections of ALWAYS-under-construction-pavement and Tribeca cobblestones….curbs….you get the picture.

    I have had my Enertia for nearly a month. It makes me ride more than EVER. There are so many times I would have WALKED 3 blocks for mediocre pizza – and not fired up a Katoom , warmed it up , “rumbled” my own house with toddlers sleeping , and my neighbors – JUST to go 13 blocks for KILLER PIZZA.

    But with an Enertia….you do. It’s so insanely effortless it literally begs you to ride it.
    While curbing emissions and foreign fuel dependency… may inadvertantly contribute to obesity. Because you never want to walk anywhere anymore EVER with this thing ;) It’s like walking and running and riding a bicycle but not sweating , and like riding a motorycle out of some futuristic movie. The next version would have to hover 6 inches OVER the pavement to get people more excited :)

    People freak over it and start chatting with you at every pause…because the dig the bike of course…and because THEY CAN. ( eg : you can actually talk to someone).

    If you’re SINGLE/social ….and live anywhere near an urban or ” downtown” center….or , the apotheosis : in South Beach in Miami…..forget it ! It would be insane. You’d basically get to say “hi” to every single person you know on the beach…in like 13 minutes.

    I spent 6 months down ther e2 years ago with a Benelli TnT , an Italjet scooter , and a Specialized MTB. I used the bike and scoot around 5 times each mostly out of neglect-guitl ( and because I humped them DOWN there ) – and rode the bicycle every day. All of florida is flat and you interact with everyone in a really pleasant way.

    If I were to do it again ( in say 16 years when I’m not a NYC school parent ;) I’d only bring the Enertia. I realize that’s a long-winded way of saying ” bike would be fun at beach”.

    But motorcycles are visceral , lifestyle-shaping things. Does it feel weird to have no rumble ? Yeah, for perhaps 4 minutes. Is it SUPER fun to hear the surf crash , talk , listen to what’s going on around you instead of being in sonic-rumble-isolation-bubble ? Yes , it does.

    At 12 grand this thing was a cute Tesla-on-2-wheels for the ” i’mso green” types who weren’t afraid of tendem wheeled vehicles.
    Ay 7995 minus 800 from the Feds – minus state taxes – minus a $200 Best Buy gift card through year end….it’s like a $6500 no-brainer , that saves you money every time you use it.

    and lastly – the belly looks low ( it does have a low CofG) but I hop 6″ granite curbs on it every single day and have never come CLOSE to a belly scrape. unlike that Zero bike and others – it’s not a beefed-up mountain bike. It has real Brembo brakes and real suspension and real torque and you can ride it as aggressively as any (urban) supermoto really – without LOOKING like another rehashed dirtbike.

    I do NOT work for Brammo as i hope you have figured out. i have just been follwoing this project since it’s inception – as a result of being a customer of Brammo’s previous vebture – The US version of the Ariel Atom , which I enjoy very much and drive on street and track.


  • I’m usually better with spelling. No spellcheck ability on this site – and I’m too lazy to cut and paste it into an email just for that. Sorry. I’m actually fairly well educated.

  • Alan thanks for the post I wanted to hear from some one who owns one. Do you get the range and speed that Brammo claims? I have ridden electric ATVs and they weren’t getting anywhere near the manufactures claims. I live in central PA and the hills kill them but even on flat trails they didn’t even get half of what was claimed.

  • By the way Alan you built a single family home in Manhattan thats more impressive than the 130 bikes

  • Chris,

    I can attest to the fact the Enertia will hit 60mph (61+ mph in fact).

    As for the claimed range, I’ve never ridden an Enertia to empty, but have no reason to believe it wouldn’t go 40+ miles as claimed.

    I rode an Enertia around Ashland, stop and go traffic, hills, and a fast straight, about 8 miles total, and had over 75% of battery life left when we finally stopped. Actually, I think the bike showed 5/6 charge.

    I’ll admit I’m someone that drank the electric motorcycle Kool-Aid, but it didn’t come easy. I truly believe electrics are the future, but are they an immediate replacement for every market segment? Of course not…at least not yet.

    I don’t think we have long to wait though before performance and price parity for electrics meets or exceeds combustion engines.

    One thing I wanted to clarify in posting is the way you compare the power. I think its a misnomer to convert 13kw of electric energy and say the bike has the power of a 17hp motor. While that might be technically correct, the butt-dyno says otherwise. Instead, consider the fact that electrics provide linear power, while combustion motors have progressive power delivery.

    The affect means that acceleration off the line is better (under comparably powered motors), and there are no flat spots in the power delivery. This to me is a more important factor for everyday riding, I know few commuters who bounce the tachometer off the rev limiter for maximum HP.

  • Jensen is right. As many a thumper and twin-rider will attest – it’s all about the TORQUE for urban and suburban cut’n’thrust riding. It has to win 1000 Stoplight GP’s to be fun and feel safe…..not a lap of Daytona…..and it does.

    one thing that has continually impressed me with Bramscher / Brammo is that they CONSISTENTLY under-promise and over-deliver. In terms of range , top speed etc.

    So yes – the speed , quickness , plush yet sporting suspension , BRAKES , all awesome. Range too. Since I’m a real urbanite my trips are often just 15 or 20 block round trip errands. I have done 20 over a period of 10 days and never looked at the wall receptacle let alone plugged the bike in – and at the end of the ten days it still has 60% power.

    THAT to me is cool. Plus I’m used to ICE euro bikes and cars that kill their own batteries just SITTING. This power meter doesn’t budge when the bike is sitting for 3 days or more.

    I cannot attest to how hills sap range or power – I have no hills in NYC with which to gauge.

    At 12k my thoughts ( not just for me – in general ) was ” Maybe I’ll wait for version 2.0″ .

    For 7 grand ? It’s exactly as much bike as you’d demand for the money. You COULD buy an SV650 or Gladius. But who cares. They are both great values ……but not gonna change your life. This bike is a bit transformational; even though that seems like a bold statement.

    Of course you’re not going to buy this if you need your ONE BIKE to go 80 miles on the freeway every friday to your country cabin , after spending the whole week commuting.

    In America however , I really don’t know one guy who does all that on one bike anyway.
    maybe 1-2 online moto buddies that also own KTM Adventure giant Dakar replica bikes.
    they are suprisingly versatile and could do “all the above”. But they are like riding horses – you need a ladder to get in the saddle – and parking them is a 400lb sweat inducing hassle.

    In NYC we park on sidewalks because paralell-parkers knock curbside bikes over, every time. when I pull a KTM onto the curb – oftentimes a shop or cafe owner will look at me in a disparaging way. Sometimes even as unfriendly a glare as to make you wonder if he’d TRY and get it towed.

    With this – the reaction is antithetical. ” Is that electric ? Do you want to park it IN my store ?”

    THAT stuff cracks me up. IF YOU TEST ONE FOR MORE THAN 2 MINS expect, to buy it :)

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33%

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • RT @harleyexhaust: Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • RT @harleyexhaust: Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.

  • Brammo Enertia Price Slashed 33% Federal income tax credit brings the price to $7195.