2011 BMW K1600LT Spotted in the Wild

06/16/2010 @ 6:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Get excited Cordura lovers, because Tourenfahrer has spotted the 2011 BMW K1600LT out testing in Southern California. Based off the BMW Concept 6 that we brought to you live from EICMA last year, the BMW K1600LT features a six-cylinder motor that, like the Horex VR6 concept, is just marginally wider than your standard in-line four motor.

The result should be a silky smooth K-bike that any tourer can enjoy. Noticable on the bike is an adjustable windscreen and ample on-board storage, both of which are basically standard components now with sport-tourers. Expect to see the 2011 BMW K1600LT debut at EICMA later this year, if not earlier.

Development of the 2011 BMW K1600LT:

BMW Concept 6 from EICMA:

Source: Tourenfahrer via HFL

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  • Jim

    Appears to be closer in size to the K1300GT and R1200RT than the current K1200Light Truck or the Goldwing.

  • BikePilot

    That’s a lot of motor! Hopefully they’ve got a final drive unit that can take the power and a typical touring load and have managed to pull it off without the weight getting out of control.

  • RT Rider

    I hope they put a XM radio on it. The new Lead Wing has XM radio standard. The backrest on the top case looks kind of bizarre. It looks like the present top case with a goofy looking backrest.

  • RT Rider

    I hope they put a XM radio on it. The new Lead Wing has XM radio standard.

  • Spotted by “Tourenfahrer”? Hey, all this is a nice move from the BMW spin doctors at Serviceplan PR.

    Here is a rough babelfish translation of what really happened:

    Scoop? Spyshot BMW six cylinder – the native of Munich continue their Guerilla marketing

    Recently a mail fluttered into my in-box with a picture attached – an Erlkönig. Obviously a new BMW Tourer with the six cylinder engine of the Concept 6, which provided in the past autumn on the motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan for sensation.

    The sender had the GMX address 52states@gmx.de, wanted to remain however anonymous: ” On my vacation trip by the USA in April I got at a gas station in close proximity to of Los Angeles coincidentally this me unknown motorcycle before the lens. The drivers spoke German, possibly concern it a new, still camouflaged BMW? Perhaps the photo for you is from interest…. Please have understanding that I would in particular not like to go as a private person in connection with the snapshot into action. I want no fee for the motive also. If you want to absolutely pay a Obolus, then you donate to a charitable mechanism. If you thus for the picture use have – ask gladly. Greeting, 52states”

    the picture is genuine. It was taken actually on 22 April 2010, according the stored EFIX data.

    Why did I hesitate so flong time to publish the picture and history?

    A Scoop, the first Spyshot of the new BMW, which is to be presented actually only in October on the Intermot?

    One should know the following: The friends of BMW are supported since end year by new PR-troopers, the agency serviceplan. Serviceplan is known in the industry for excellente work within the range Guerilla marketing and several times proved that – they are also responsable for the ingenious video , in which the S1000RR full-leads the table cloth trick.

    Production costs: under 20,000 euros. Advertising effectiveness and image formation: priceless.

    Stange also, that 52states considered not only me, but also other bloggers and the editors of tourenfahrer.de and Motorcycle News with the Spyshot. I think, it run in such a way: Service schedule has a plan.

    The Spyshot is the prelude of a probably well timedset of purposeful Leaks and indiscretions, which are to direct the attention of on-line communities on the new BMW Sechszylinden Tourer in the next months.

    Anyway, here the picture … BMW motorcycle responded with the lapidary note; “Remarkably isnt’t it, this poor plant at the right face of the gas station ” commentated.

    And by the way: Friends at tourenfahrer.de, please dont sell this picture with the label “one trusted TOURENFAHRER reader sent us this …”. Thats just too embarassing – to you..