Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 273 – Portimão MotoGP Preview

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Episode 273 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this one sees us previewing Portuguese GP at Portimão.

On the mics, we have David Emmett, Neil Morrison, and Adam Wheeler, as the trio discusses MotoGP’s first round on the European continent.

The crew is joined by veteran MotoGP journalist Dennis Noyes, who adds not only his thoughts and opinion about the current grand prix racing scene, but also shares some interesting insights and stories about the early days of MotoGP racing.

For Spanish speakers, you can listen to or watch the podcast Dennis does after every MotoGP grand prix, called Cinta Americana (Spanish for duct tape), with Spanish journalists Judit Florensa and Cristian Ramón Marín.

Dennis has led a colorful and fascinating life, from racing dirt track on four wheels in the Midwest to teaching English in Central America to staring out of the window of his English class in Barcelona and watching the “traffic light grand prix”, and figuring out that motorbikes were pretty cool actually.

From there, Dennis takes us on a journey through the history of grand prix motorcycle racing. How it was huge even before Angel Nieto, but Nieto took it to another level.

The role the Spanish king Juan Carlos played in promoting racing, the early days of Dorna, and how Bernie Ecclestone and Carmelo Ezpeleta faced off over who would run MotoGP, and why Ecclestone saw Ezpeleta as a worthy adversary.

As usual, the show finishes with predictions for the weekend, with some interesting choices being picked for the Portimão podium.

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