Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 267 – Mandalika MotoGP Preview

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Episode 267 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this one sees us gearing up for the Indonesian GP at Mandalika.

On the mics to discuss the season-opener, we have Steve EnglishDavid Emmett, and Adam Wheeler, and they are joined by MotoGP statistician Dr. Martin Raines.

The crew discusses how grand prix racing has changed over the years, with an eye on the various stats and sources that Martin has tracked throughout his career and interest in MotoGP.

The conversation turns next to the release of the MotoGP Unlimited series on Amazon Prime, which didn’t have the smoothest rollout, but promises to be a boon for the championship.

Lastly, the guys preview this weekend’s Indonesian GP at Mandalika, and discuss the importance of having a race in this important market for motorcycle manufacturers.

It is an interesting show, especially with Martin’s unique insights and perspective, and we think you will enjoy it!

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Source: SoundCloud