MotoCzysz E1pc TTXGP Testing At PIR

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After numerous views of the recent MotoCzysz E1pc dyno pull videos we were left wondering how much of the vicious howl was generated by the dyno and how much was the bike. After all, the all electric MotoCzysz is silent right?

Recent video of the MotoCzysz E1pc testing at Portland International Raceway confirms the sound was all bike. Three clips on YouTube show the bike cornering, decelerating and accelerating very quickly and letting everyone know about it. It seems the only surprise left from the Czysz crew before the June 12 TTXGP is the race bodywork.

MotoCzysz has brought the E1pc from concept to race track in a very short time. Not to down play this amazing feat of engineering but this says a lot about the potential for electric powered platforms to go from design to show room very quickly. The speed of development most likely has a lot to do with the few moving parts electrics have compared to internal combustion engines (ICE). 

Each part of a modern ICE has it’s own design specifications, sourcing and quality control to manage which takes a lot of time and money. With electric, most parts can be outsourced including motors, batteries and controllers which adds to the speed of manufacture. We can only hope MotoCzysz gets the E1pc to our garages as fast as they got it to the race track.