MotoCzysz Digital Superbike In Testing

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Michael Czysz posted a video of the MotoCzysz Electric Superbike being tested on a dyno in preparation for the upcoming in June. The instantaneous torque of the electric motor makes the bike visibly squirm when the power comes on. The video shows the bikes thin profile and massive swing arm. Many other interesting details of the bike are visible.

Czysz feels the power produced by an electric motor is what most modern motorcycle manufacturers are trying to achieve with internal combustion engines (ICE). He went on to state that:

“The torque deliver is what every engine designer and tuner tries to mimic. In ICE, this can only be achieve by adding layers of electronics; we now just have the electronics!”

Czysz went on to explain how the MotoCzysz bike will be a paradigm shift in the way motorcycles are designed. The bike will feature an “open architecture” which will allow upgrades, modular design, and reconfiguration. Theoretically in the future, different parts of the bike will have the ability to be swapped out for newer parts or applications. It is unclear if this will also mean that the MotoCzysz will also be an “open-source” motorcycle that will allow third-parties access to specifications necessary for aftermarket parts development, or if the bike’s design will allow modular configurations as we saw in the BMW LoRider concept.

Watch the dyno video here.

Source: Club MotoAmerica