Six Yamaha Engineers Will Miss French GP Due to Coronavirus

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One unnamed Yamaha engineer has tested positive for Covid-19 in the period between Barcelona and Le Mans, and as a result of MotoGP’s bubble structure, the group of six engineers, including M1 project leader Takahiro Sumi, have been quarantined in Andorra and are to miss the French Grand Prix at Le Mans.

Yamaha is flying in additional engineers to assist with their roles while the six are absent.

The group was staying in Andorra between races, traveling as a group. Because they were in a group, all six have been forced to miss Le Mans while further tests are being carried out, and while Yamaha decides what to do for Aragon.

The infected engineer is not currently showing symptoms, fortunately, and is able to continue working, as are the other members of the group. But they are being forced to work remotely, as opposed to being actually at the track.

The absence of six engineers, including the M1 project leader Sumi, is an inconvenience for Yamaha, but should not have a major impact on the Yamaha squad.

The engineers are not working directly in one of the teams, but are involved in the overall project. The replacement engineers being flown in should be able to cover most of the work of the absent Yamaha staff.

Source: Yamaha Racing

David Emmett

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