Sunday at Indianapolis with Daniel Lo

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I’ve shot from the grandstands every single year since MotoGP started racing at Indy in 2008. I almost didn’t do so this weekend, but towards the end of the race most riders were too spread out for group photos so I autopiloted back to my favorite vantage point.


Peering through a lens sometimes makes you oblivious to what’s happening right in front of you. I didn’t realize until well after the fact that Andrea Dovizioso had just gotten bumped off line and ended up last barely two corners into the race.


Park ferme is an ideal place to capture portraits of riders in a reasonably good mood.


During the opening lap of races, I usually try to pick spots where it’s easy to fit multiple bikes into the frame. My pit scooter was dangerously low on gas so I opted for a more efficient route than originally planned, which took me to this turn that I’ve never photographed before. It turned out okay.


Only one of these riders was old enough to spray the bubbly.


This first turn shot of the start of the race does a good job showcasing how flat the track is.


Studies have shown that Olympians who take home silver are often less happy than the bronze medalists they beat. The same appears to be true in MotoGP.


To the victor go the selfies.

Photos: © 2015 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved