Sunday at Catalunya with Scott Jones

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  • L2C

    You know, I have seen any journalists deal properly with Lorenzo’s story this season. He had the best possible momentum going into this season after losing the championship by 4 points to Marquez last season. His mindset couldn’t have been any better. Even though he had some physical fitness shortcomings at the start of this season compared to the previous two seasons, his mindset was the best that it ever was. Then it all came undone by the new Bridgestones.

    Mojo is mind and spirit. Lorenzo had that at the start of preseason. More needs to be written about this. Someone should interview him.

    Anyway — beautiful pictures, Scott. Your photo of the top three together, with Lorenzo trailing, say a great deal about Lorenzo! – more than any of the other riders. It speaks so very much of the truth. Photojournalism at its best.

    Excellent work as always.

  • DuckDuckBang

    great pics as usual.

    it’s the same story with F1 this season with vettel, he’s had some bad luck but in the end he just hasn’t been able to adapt to the changes with the turbo.

    there are so many physical world variables with the machines and behind the scenes that can lead to certain psychological paths taking you down dead ends, but thats what makes a champion.

    the real story this season is rossi, he’s had several years down certain paths where his dominance was largely psychological and mindgames with the new blood. once that was over he was out in the woods and he’s needed to keep himself above water psychologically. his performance this year has shown his beliefs are right, he’s a true champion. if he can find some further small victories with the bike, setup or his riding, i think he’ll be the one to upset marquez at some point during this season.

  • L2C

    “You know, I have seen…”

    Should have been: ” You know I haven’t seen…”. Sorry about that.

  • JW

    I am a little disappointed that Monster has a Yellow Rossi energy drink, why now? I have followed him since the 500 era and this is the first time, for me anyway, that he has done something really cheesy. It reminds me of a cheap china built Harley Davidson wall clock you buy at Sears.

  • L2C

    Jw, it could be worse. He could be hawking malt liquor or vodka or toothpaste. Or even worse, underarm deodorant. How many professional athlete’s do that with no shame?

  • smiler

    Cracking photos as usual and there was actually a race this time as well.

  • smiler

    By the way, do you know who Rossi’s photographer is this year. They seem to be particulary good.

  • Radu

    I don’t see anything wrong with this – it’s just branding, the guy is making an honest dollar.
    Same thing as t-shirts or caps or watches…whatever. All made in China anyway :)

  • Jw

    I know I guess I hold him to a higher standard and really, does he need more money? I’ll shut up now.

  • crshnbrn


    You may think Rossi hawking Monster “The Doctor” energy drink is cheesy, but if there ever comes a time when Big Brother’s nanny tries to ban energy drinks from advertising at venues where minors are present, at least Monster can claim they were using a “mature” spokesperson to reach an older demographic.

  • L2C

    Pardon that killer apostrophe I wrote up there. F—n weapon of grammar destruction, errant pinky, and no patience to edit.

  • “Even though he had some physical fitness shortcomings at the start of this season compared to the previous two seasons, his mindset was the best that it ever was. Then it all came undone by the new Bridgestones.”

    Personally, I don’t think that’s the essence of the problems he’s been facing. His physical condition suffered greatly during the winter due to his injury. His comeback in physical performance was such that Alpinestars had to sew expansions into his leathers to accommodate his increased musculature. The boy has bulked up significantly over the last couple of months now that his training regimen is unhindered by the healing process.

    Yes, I agree that the tires have not contributed to his campaign this season, but I think his injury was far more serious than he or Yamaha let on earlier in the season. It’s only when you hear the Alpinestars rep explaining about the on-track tailors letting out JL’s leathers to enable blood to flow to his muscles that you really get the full scope of how much muscle mass he lost during his recovery period.