Silverstone Will Host MotoGP for Three More Years

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In a somewhat surprising development, Silverstone has signed up to host the British round of MotoGP for three more years. The Northamptonshire circuit is to hold the race through 2020. 

Since the British round was held earlier this year, it looked like the race would go to Donington Park. The Leicestershire track had shown renewed interest in the race, after the circuit had been bought by MSV, who also run the BSB series and own several other British tracks.

Hosting the series at Donington would have required upgrades in a number of areas, however, and making those in time for August next year would have been difficult.

A delegation from the Silverstone circuit had flown to Valencia to finalize the details with Dorna. Dorna had asked for the track to be completely resurfaced, after the riders had complained about the bumps after this year’s race.

Silverstone compromised by promising to resurface part of the track, according to British publication MCN, and were given a three-year contract extension.

Despite the new deal with Silverstone, where the British Grand Prix is to be held in the long term is still open. MSV has expressed an interest in upgrading the facilities at Donington Park, and the three-year duration of Silverstone’s contract would be a large enough window for MSV to complete the necessary work.

The bidding war which had been expected this year could well reopen in a couple of years’ time.

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

David Emmett

One of MotoGP's most respected journalists, David Emmett is the proprietor of the esteemed MotoMatters. We are very grateful to republish David's work here on A&R...though dread the day we ever again get in a car with him.