Saturday at Indianapolis with Daniel Lo

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Every once in a while, riders inadvertently do me a big favor by glancing over as I’m taking pictures. Eye contact is always a bonus.


This was a continuation of an idea that I started trying a couple years ago, but I forgot about. I tried to use the track to add a bit of interest to the foreground, while making sure the rider was making an interesting shape. Cal Crutchlow was the only rider to dangle his leg, making him the ideal subject.


This is what happens when riders are asked silly questions during press conferences.


This shot was taken from the top of the stairs of the pedestrian bridge. Aside from grandstands, this is about the only place one can go for an elevated vantage point at Indy.


This photo was taken from the balcony right outside the media center, which is my favorite spot to shoot from when I’m feeling lazy. Don’t tell Jensen.


I always have a hard time resisting opportunities to take photos of riders with large versions of themselves on billboards. I’m not sure if that’s actually Marc Marquez in the background, but close enough.


I normally don’t like messy backgrounds in my photos, but I sometimes make exceptions for power wheelies.


Valentino’s pre-race ritual is so well documented in still photos that it’s easy to forget just how quickly it happens in real life. I took a gamble and shot this from across pit lane and was lucky no one walked by.

Photos: © 2015 Daniel Lo / Corner Speed Photo – All Rights Reserved