Saturday at Assen with Tony Goldsmith

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Photos: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

Tony Goldsmith is an Isle of Man based freelance motorcycle racing photographer specializing in the Isle of Man TT races. He has also covered selected rounds of the British Superbike Championship and MotoGP. His online archive is available at and he can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

  • L2C

    Great shot of Rossi. I wish the drama that is expressed on his face somehow summed up the day’s races. Ant West winning Moto2 was a treat, but even with all the crashes, it still felt as if it lacked something. So did the Moto3 and MotoGP races.

    The truth is, I credit this years World Cup for that impression. This year’s MotoGP simply can’t live up to that tournament. And since it’s been nothing but World Cup since Catalunya, well, then, there you go. But the F1 Austrian GP was noteworthy. Shame that Assen wasn’t at least on par with that.

    Just my impressions. And I’ve said it all knowing that I have been impressed with the quality of many of the races this year. It’s just that the drama unfolding in World Cup has been beyond belief. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Good work as usual, Tony! Didn’t mean to rain on your parade. ;-)

  • HateUK

    Best race weekend we’ve seen for years, with Moto2 best of the bunch. Laps 10 and 11 of that race were just euphoric.
    Top 7 in the MotoGP all did a great job too.

  • SpaceJJ

    Marquez is working magic with his new formula:
    Let more riders feel they have a chance.
    Give people the opportunity to lead.
    Then hunt them down…giving the fans an even bigger boner.

  • Xan

    Someone needs to tell Rossi that the 90’s called, and they want their earring back lol (yes I realize he’s been wearing it for 15 years). Interesting race of “what could have beens” but it was a great test of riders and teams. Dovi was great and smart, the Yamaha boys just didn’t make the right calls, and Marquez proved that he is pretty much the fastest every day.

  • smiler

    Some great photos in the difficult conditions.

    Moto3 provided great racing again and moto2 was pretty good. Angry bees flying round the track. Greatr stuff.

    Ant West winning a race after 11 years now that is dedication. Even if it was the conditions that helped, well done and riders pushing their bikes over the line. Really dedication.

    Unfortuantely another 5/9 Spanish podiums.

    MotoGP another yawnathon now with added contrived and well rehearsed charisma promotion for Dorna from the Accountant.

    Someone needs to tell Xan to not be a twat.