Marc Marquez Gets the Green Light to Intensify Training

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There is light at the end of the tunnel for Marc Marquez, and the fears are receding that it might be an oncoming train.

Today, the Repsol Honda team announced that the results of Marquez’ medical assessment performed this week were positive, and the consolidation of bone in his fractured humerus was proceeding well.

That had been the major problem for Marquez in the latter part of last year. An infection of the fracture had stopped bone growth and badly delayed the healing process.

Marquez had been forced to undergo a third operation to clean up the fracture, implant tissue to promote bone growth, and reduce infection.

That has finally paid off. In a medical assessment of the bone, the doctors who performed the third surgery pronounced themselves happy with the healing of his humerus, and that it was now strong enough for him to intensify his training and prepare for a return to motorcycle racing.

That does not necessarily mean that Marquez will be ready for Qatar, or at least, for the first race of the season there on March 28th. Marquez is yet to ride a motorcycle, but with this approval, he is ready to try a dirt track or motocross bike, to prepare the way for riding a MotoGP bike.

At the Repsol Honda launch last month, Marquez had been cautious about a return date. He would only move on to the next stage when he had both received the medical say so, and felt strong enough and ready for it physically. “Now I’m waiting for the bone consolidation,” Marquez said back in February.

“When it’s OK I will continue with my rehabilitation, in the gym, with my physio. We will see. My target was to be in the Qatar test. The doctors said no. I accepted. The second target is try to be in Qatar race. Doctors will decide.”

“This will be the process. But I will ride MotoGP bike when I will feel in an acceptable way, in good condition. Now, even if tomorrow the doctor says you can ride a bike, I’m not in the condition to ride a bike.”

“We will see. I don’t have a clear target. The only clear target is I will not ride in Qatar test. Another target is this week I feel better than last week. This is the main target.”

Source: Repsol Honda